Senin, 28 November 2011

All About Love-WOMEN Who Are UNMARRIED, BUT HAD NO Singles.

She complained about her which is still on its own, but still maintain contact with the man who is not good behavior and its reputation. SO, both men are very likely one of them being soul mates that are good for him, STAY AWAY for fear the proximity of the woman with the poor man's behavior and its reputation.

That's what makes it still \ ' unmarried, but had no singles. \ ' be a woman who was single, known good and interesting, in a good relationship, ... and then watch what happens.

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mario teguh

bisikkanlah this ...
Lord, Omniscient, I can't deny that the real peace as I know, deny the good that was advised by my heart, my heart is turning a blind eye from the evidence that does not correspond to the mauku, and get away from having that cannot be kuhindari.

Indeed, I missed all the goodness of my heart for giving in to his own, and escape the falsehood and mendacity during this kupelihara because ketakutanku to the opinions of others.

God, I mudahkanlah to make it in the project improvement myself today. Damaikanlah of my heart for kejujuranku to myself.

Terangkanlah the way my life in a cordial friendship with myself.


Mario Teguh : They who are searching for a path to the beauty of his life,

listen to this ...

Your heart vibrate with life music to match the attitude and perilakumu.

If you apply a gentle and beautiful in keseharianmu, this wonderful musical life and toss your soul heave in happiness that used to be just you dream of.

But, if you are rude and false to yourself, to the family, and to your neighbour, your heart will be fried in cauldrons of angst and anger are not bersebab and endless.

In fact, the beauty of your life you set yourself in pengindahan attitudes and perilakumu.