Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

The Concept Of Flexible from The Samsung Tablet PC

Only those words that can be spoken about Samsung's technology was developed. Samsung rumored are developing a tablet concept that is flexible, like a la Nokia's smartphone flexible Bendable, flexible sorta. Samsung has a concept tablet with AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) are flexible.

Imagine, a sophisticated tablet (which is now just as well indeed already advanced) that can be bent and fully flexible substitute, and surely is amazing! All ala today's tablets, ranging from a photograph, watch movies, play games and such can be done by the tablet Samsung.

Because it is still a draft, then to mass production and sales is still many years into the future, the main problem faced by Samsung is a flexible, stable, is, however, the bottom line circuit and battery devices in it of course also have to be made flexible, not just the screen. So the technology is flexible, the closest reality is flexible, like a smartphone smartphone and Nokia.

FIFA Apply the goal line Technology on PD 2014 Brazil

ZURICH, FIFA President Sepp Blatter revealed that at the World Cup 2014 Brazil later on, it will introduce the technology of the goal line. The use of technology is in fact already proposed a long time ago. However, the insistence that FIFA use this technology began after Frank Lampard's high scorer in World Cup 2010 (PD) failed to observe properly by the referee. In the action brought by Germany, the United Kingdom the punt kick Lampard clearly visible beyond the goal line Germany who escorted by Manuel Neuer.

However, it is not validated against the referee because of their observations. ' Brazil 2014 will have the technology to anticipate ' ghost goal '. We are considering two a good system in accordance with the purposes of the game, which emphasizes reliability, kesegeraan, and is not complicated, ' says Blatter to El Mundo Deportivo.

FIFA itself has tried to anticipate this by increasing the number of referees in the match. Adding to the FIFA referee to stand guard on the two sides face each team. However, this turned out to be not yet satisfy multiple parties.

One Planet in the Habitable confirmation

CALIFORNIA, Kepler spacecraft made a surprise return. NASA announced on Monday (5/12/2011) that one of the candidate planet Kepler 2.326 findings have been confirmed as a habitable planet. ' This phenomenal discoveries. This proves that Homo sapiens is getting close to our achievement in the universe to find the planet that remind us of the House. We are almost there, '' said Geoff Marcy, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, was quoted as saying AP, Tuesday (6/12/2011).

The habitable Planet confirmed that named Kepler 22b. The Planet is orbiting a Sun-like stars named Kepler 22 and approximately 600 light years from Earth. Kepler has some similarities with the 22b. The earth around the Sun over the past 365 days, whereas Kepler 22b around its parent star within 290 days. Just different thin.

The temperature of the Earth and Kepler 22b not differ greatly. Mentioned that if the greenhouse effect works in Kepler 22b, then the planet's temperature at about 22 degrees celsius. Difference encountered in size. Kepler 22b-sized 2.4 times greater than Earth 's. While its mass is unknown so it is difficult to estimate whether Kepler planet rocks or 22b is a gas giant. If it is a gas planet, then by all means it is difficult for humans to live there. Although confirmed habitable, it is still difficult for humans to go to Kepler 22b. One light-year is equivalent with 9,65 trillion kilometers. It took 22 million years to get there with the technology that exists today. Technology was the one who will be answering is go to Kepler 22b will be a dream or reality.

In addition to the discovery of Kepler 22b, NASA also announced that Kepler had now has a habitable planet 2.326. This increased amount of 1,103 announcement in February 2011 and then stating that there are 1,267 candidate planet habitable. Of the total 2.326 candidate planets, 207 of whom have the equivalent size of the Earth. While the other is greater than 680 Earth. The number of planets in the habitable zone itself there are 48 pieces. Still it takes research to confirm whether the planets are habitable.

5 Most like the wife of the Husband.

Want to know what makes women can feel happier whole person? A family counselor, and author of Connect to Love, Dr. m. Gary Neuman says there are five things that make women feel satisfied with its relationship, and was happy with his wife. More women feel happy if her partner is able to give you five things this for him:

1. time
of the first things most desirable female, and made him happy is spending time with his wife. Most women are happy with the connection, take the time to 30 minutes every day, both with her partner. While 24 percent of women claiming to be unhappy with the paired relationship because it only had a tandem with her husband of less than five minutes a day. Togetherness with husband that make women feel happy is when both of them enjoy time together, without disturb Blackberry or other gadgets.

2. appreciation
The moment, women are able to do everything. Women caring for children, while also employed and financially independent. Women feel no mind to do everything, but women also need appreciation from my husband. The eve also was happy when my husband wants a whole person, listen to it and give it an appreciation for what he does on a daily basis.

3. Sense
of happiness for women, one of which is to have a spouse who understand it. Even so, women also need to help his partner to have the ability to listen to. The reason, men tend not to realize that he is a bad listener. Therefore, it's worth if you ask for time off to my husband to listen to You. Ask for a 15-20 minutes to my husband, ' said Neuman. Women in fact deserve the attention of 10 hours of his partner, but most men are adept at listening to her partner all the time. So, ask the time a maximum of 20 minutes, so that the pair really focus to you, listen to what you want to convey.

4. Pleasure
this is one of the factors that are often missing and no longer felt women, let alone after having children. Work, home, things are a burden and responsibility of the family, making the relationship lost the element of fun. Neuman suggests, married couples need to devise routines together as dating, once a week. Though tired after work, please allocate dating both only. At the very least, spent two hours together, at home, tandem. Make the most of this community with chat about various things that are fun, do not discuss the matter of work, money, and children.

5. Affection
one more required women to feel happy, affection. Hugs, kisses, a surprise of just the phone said, ' I Love You ', simple things like this coveted women from her partner. ' Give a touch of her five times a day, at least 30 seconds, do every day for one week. If a husband can do it to his wife, don't be surprised when both of them will feel happier with something to do, ' obviously Neuman.

Thursday, KPK Check Mayor Semarang

JAKARTA, corruption eradication Commission (KPK) has continued to intensify investigation alleged bribe case related discussion of BUDGETS Semarang. In addition to examining a number of members of DPRD Semarang, investigators also have scheduled examination COMMISSION to Semarang Mayor Soemarmo HS and Vice Mayor Hendrar Yopan.

' The plan to schedule an examination about a COMMISSION investigating the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the city of Semarang on Wednesday this week, ' says Head of public relations Bureau, Johan Budi, KPK to Vote Independent, Tuesday (6/12) evening.

According to Johan, both of which review is still as a witness. He added, investigators still continue to conduct examinations in the case of the Kingdom of the three officials of Semarang.

Yesterday, said Johan, investigators conducted an examination of the LEGISLATIVE members of Golkar and the national mandate party (PAN). Johan did not explain in detail the identity of the politicians who undergo an examination.

' Today (yesterday, red) investigators also examined the suspect S and APS, ' said Johan. Meanwhile, the head of News and Information, Priharsa Nugraha says, he did not obtain information from officers in the field of related laptop seizure in this case.

Her only obtain, investigators conduct examination of a number of witnesses, including a number of members of DPRD Semarang. ' They are examined as a witness because of his statement was considered necessary for deepening the investigation, '' said Priharsa.

As known, the COMMISSION set the Regional city of Semarang Akhmat Zaenuri and two members of the LEGISLATIVE DECREE Of PS (PAN) and Sumartono (Democratic Party) as a suspect.

Zaenuri dijerat article article 5 paragraph 1 of article 1 and or. While Agung and Sumartono dijerat article 11 or article 12 and the letter a and b. all three were arrested on Monday (25/11) at around 11: 30 in the Building parking page DPRD Semarang shortly after doing the delivery of the money. KPK suspect giving the endorsement money related BUDGETS by 2012.

Pulpy Milky product of Coca-Cola was declared toxic

BEIJING, a child on China reported died of poisoning after drinking Coca-Cola products last November. According to officials in the province of Jilin, 11-year-old son was killed along with three others that are still undergoing treatment after drinking the products in the region of Changchun Pulpy Milky. Laboratory testing indicates that such beverages contain pesticides.

The incident sparked a major withdrawal at the same time product Pulpy Milky. Others emerged from the police saying that bottles Pulpy Milky has sabotaged. Separately, Coca-Cola party repeatedly asserted that such poisoning incidents have nothing to do with quality control.

Further testing on the product indicates that there was contamination. ' Technical Tests and initial investigations police confirmed that the incident was criminal cases in Changchun.

And we came back confirmed that the incident not related to quality control of our products, '' the statement said Coca-Cola in an email to Reuters news agency. Authorities have confirmed cases of poisoning from Jilin, but don't want to speculate who may have committed irregularities. ' Someone has deliberately falsified product with toxic substances and causing a threat to public safety, '' said a statement from local authorities.

Reported an 11-year-old, died after drinking yoghurt products Pulpy Milky taste of strawberries on 28 November. Mother of the child is seriously ill due to come into the same and consume today are still hospitalized. While the other a mother and her daughter also fell ill after drinking the beverage products in the same region of Jilin several days earlier. Currently they are reported to have recovered.

If Reckless Wore national police Attribute, Norman will be proces.

JAKARTA, Starting today, Tuesday (6/12), Norman Kamaru prohibited wearing Police attribute. If, the famous artist with tune lipsync India ' Caiyya Caiyya ' this reckless charge, police do not attribute briptunya hesitate to process it.

This Council decision terkati of the code of Gorontalo are decided, Polda Norman Kamaru get sanctions do not Stop with respect (PTDH). ' If he's still using a related attribute of the national police, we will process, ' says Head of public relations Division of the national police, Inspector Saud Usman Nasution caught in the police headquarters in Jakarta, national police, Tuesday (6/12).

Saud explains the rights of soldiers like clothing Anglo-norman Kamaru service and the rank was removed along with the ruling of the trial under penalty of PTDH against Norman.

He confirmed the start date as a regular community of Norman Kamaru, if the use attribute of national police illegally then have been deemed unlawful.

In the hearing tersenut, Norman PTDH for having sanctions from his service duties mangkir over two months. Norman did indeed have volunteered to resign, he continued, however, does not mean that Norman could go around to be free from duty during his service in the process.

Earthquake Volcanic Mount Sindoro Were Continuous

TEMANGGUNG, Movements recorded kegempaan seismograf activity still looks that until the afternoon later still there will be a mild earthquake type d. it Mount Sindoro Placidia Observer Officer, Sumaryanto in Gentingsari, district Bansari, emanggung, Tuesday (6/12). Since Monday (5/12) yesterday, have been recorded at least 12 times kegempaan. Whereas, in these days, 12.00 p.m. last recorded four volcanic earthquakes occur.

However, the activity of Mount Sindoro is not impacted by the earthquake are not real because the effects noticeable shaking by the local community. However, it is a fact kegempaan because everything is recorded in seismograf.

Danramil Parakan S Purnomo added, although the citizens of the town which is the town nearest Bansari with Mount Sindoro, however he hoped society continues its activities normally. According to him, until recently there were several lines that possibility could be evacuation operation.

For example, the main Village Road, Gentingsari, and Bansari Watukumpul that everything is in the wilanya Subdistrict Bansari. These lines are the only ones to reach the Summit of Sindoro access that has been recommended as a track.