Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Abraham samad KPK chairman

JAKARTA, Commission III HOUSE chose Abraham Samad as Chairman of the corruption eradication Commission (KPK) 2011-2015 period. The decision was taken on voting by 56 people from the President and members of Commission III from nine factions, Friday (2/12/2011) afternoon.

Abraham almost got the full support of members of the Commission with a margin of 45 votes in the III. He defeated four other CCA leaders, namely Bambang Widjojanto (4 votes), Busyro Muqoddas (5 votes), Adnan Pandu Praja (1 vote), and Zulkarnain (3 votes). The result of that, the Chairman of Commission III Benny K Harman asked all the members of Commission III, ' did we agree to Abraham as a candidate for Chairman of KPK Samad elected? ' ' Setujuu ..., ' chimes in on the members of unison.

Abraham was Chairman of the young compared to most of the other four. Currently, she is 45 years old. He is also the only candidate that came from the area. He was born, big, and worked in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Before voting, Commission III asked Unearthed at this time, Busyro, is still willing to be led by COMMISSION and was elected as Chairman of the COMMISSION or not. Busyro States are still willing to be a leader and is ready to reassume the Chairman KPK.

Forum Rektor Indonesia Holds Annual Meetings Review Education Character.

KENDARI, Rector-Chancellor of the universities and the private Forum Rektor Indonesia held their 14th annual meeting at Haluoleo University in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, this weekend. The Rector of the whole meeting of the Indonesia are expected to provide input to issues that develop in the life of the nation and State.

The Rector was welcomed in the opening event at the Home Office of the Governor of the South Sulawesi on Friday night. Ebiet G Ade singer invited to enliven the event. On Saturday (3/12/2011), the Rector convened a discussion about character education. The theme of the annual meeting of the Rector of this time was the Restoration of civilization Starts from Education: character education in the midst of cultural diversity in strengthening the competitiveness of Nations.

Usman Rianse, Rector of Haluoleo University as well as Chairman of the Board, the President of Indonesia, said the College as a place of gathering of thinkers in the field of academic, social, moral, and should join think and realize a nation's competitiveness.

It starts with the character education to support the four pillars namely nationality tegasknya Pancasila, the 1945 CONSTITUTION of the Republic of Indonesia, the country's Unity, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. ' This nation faces a problem of fundamental degradation of national character. Colleges try to give you an idea, concept, idea academically so found an elegant solution, critical, and substantive to face the problem of this nation, ' clear Rianse.

Which CHILLI in POLY BAG cultivation techniques of Pepper

in Polybag Technical Guidelines Establishing the seeds of chili made himself. Here's how, choose fruit that ripened chili (red), perfect shape, fresh, not flawed and not afflicted by the disease. Then remove the seeds with a slice of fruit are elongated. Wash beans and dried. Then select the seed shape, size and color uniform, clean skin surface, no wrinkles and blemishes. When trouble making himself, chilli seeds can be purchased at your local farm shop. -Seed to be planted selected by soaking in water, floating seeds are removed. Seedbed before planting in the place of permanent (polybag), we recommend that you first in seed disemai for containers which can be either a plastic or wooden tub with a thickness of about 10 cm are dilubangi the effect of water management (drainage).His preparation as follow:
1. Fill in the container for the media in the form of sand soil and manure, the ratio of 1: 1. To eliminate impaired pests give Curater 3 G by measure, 10 3 gr/m2. Media serves 1 week prior to seeding the seeds.
2. the Seed to be planted, previously soaked in warm water (50 degrees Celsius) overnight. Better yet when given the growing regulatory substances such as Atonik.
3. Tebarkan seed evenly in the media the seedbed, when possible give distance between seeds 5 x 5 cm so that the plant was moved to/withdrawn, its roots are not damaged. The seed was planted on time and avoid the shut down a thin soil.
Then place the container for the shade and do whatever is available to media for watering remain moist. Nursery
1. The seeds germinate or chilli seeds have aged 10-14 days (usually have grown a pair of leaves) is transferable to the nurseries.
2. set up nurseries in poly bag size 8 x 9 cm or pillars of banana leaves and less costly. Enter into it a mixture of sand and soil, manure as well as add Curater 3 G
3. Move the container seedling nursery Chili with caution. At the time the seed was planted on the pillar, the soil around the roots of the plant to be a little dense ditekan-tekan and seeds stand upright. Place the seedlings in the shade and to maintain kelembabannya sirami sparingly. These nurseries to increase power and power grow seedlings adaptation at the time of the transfer in the open.
4. Seeds can be planted in poly bag after age 30-40 days.
Preparation Of Planting Medium Poly Bag
1. prepare polybag planting place which left his right to an air settings.
2. Insert the media into it is a mixture of planting soil with manure 2: 1 as much as 1/3 the volume of poly bag. Add Furadan or Curater 3 G 2-4 gr/plant to shut down the bully in media land pests.
3. Enter the mixture of soil and manure into poly bag as high as 1/3 of his
4. Add artificial fertilizers as basic fertilizer that is 10 gr SP 43 gr KCl and 1/3 part of the mix 10 gr 20 Gr. ZA Urea per plant (2/3 parts for successive fertilizer). Then flush with water for opposing the fertilizer in the soil.
Cultivation of the
1. Select the chili seeds are good that its growth, green leaf color Overdrive, not defective/exposed pest diseases.
2. Planting Seeds in polybag planting. Container seedling medium must be opened first before planted. Carefully so that the root is not off the clot. When a container of banana seedlings planted immediately put on a pillar because the leaves will fall on its own. Planting seeds the seeds right in the middle section, add the land until they reach about media 2 cm lip polybag.
3. Padatkan surface soil media and flush with water and then put in the open exposed to direct sunlight.
Maintenance of the
1. Did watering sparingly to keep the moisture of soil medium poly bag.
2. Do successive Lifespan: fertilizing 30 days after planting: 5 gr Kcl per plant. The age of 30 and 60 days after planting: each 1/3 part of the rest of the mixture of Urea and ZA on fertilizing basis.
3. Do perompesan/disposal branch of leaves under the main branch and discard the flower first appeared.
4. to control pest fruit flies cause rotting fruit, install traps that are Antraxtan. Is to control insects such as Thrips, suction leaf Aphid with insecticides like Curacron.
For diseases of the rotten fruit (Antraknosa) caused Boletus, gunawan fungicides Antracol kind. Dosage and application of each of these drugs can be seen on the label. Harvest-red chili can be harvested aged about 80 days after planting. Chilli picking can be done 1-2 times a week tailored to your needs. Picking is done carefully in order for branching/stalk plants are not broken.

PARLIAMENT Began Voting Election Four New KPK Leaders

JAKARTA, propriety test processes and the feasibility of prospective leaders in the KPK, the CUP this afternoon (2/12), until the end. The deliberations which had resulted in the agreement speed up the trials. Finally the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Election Commission III started four of the eight capim became Chairman of KPK, through the voting.

Previously, since Monday (3/11) to Thursday (2/12), the eight candidates for head of KPK carry out fit and proper test. Bambang Widjojanto, are Jonah Husein, Abraham Samad, the Prosecutor, Adnan Pandu Praja Zulkarnain, Inspector Pol (Ret.) Aryanto Sutadi, Abdullah Hehamahua and times magazine Sudradjat.

Santer is circulating that only six of the eight candidates who really will compete in this poll. While the two candidates, namely Abdullah Hehamahua and Sudradjat was not in times magazine safety zone.

Earlier, in front of members of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Commission III in attendance, Imax Busyro Muqoddas expressed following the US-led kesediaanya Exchange in the selection of candidates for the CUP this afternoon. Voting election management COMMISSION itself will be conducted in two stages. The first stage is to choose four of the eight names put forward names. Furthermore,

Commission III will pick one of RI HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES from four or five names to be Unearthed. Present in the election of the Chairman of this COMMISSION, 37 of the 54 members of the Commission.