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Libya Will Integrasi 50,000 Guerrillas

TRIPOLI, security forces will integrate 50,000 guerrillas who fought against forces loyal to former leader Muamar Gaddafi's Libya, into the security forces. It is said to be the Minister of Home Affairs while that country, Fawzi Abdelali.

According to him, all combat brigades that fought on the front lines will enter the ranks of the Ministry of defence and security forces were kementeruan in the country. He says, a ' petempur ' commissions have been established by the National Transition Council (NTC) to do further integration of the former rebels into security forces.

Abdelali, who spoke at the event to mark the completion of the training of one group of former rebels by police France, did not give a time frame for integrating it.

It explains, the plan will be integrating promulgated weeks Dean, and adding the North African country's plan to rehabilitate the 200,000 petempur in a long period. Tens of thousands of civilians have been up in arms when Libya rebellion broke out in anti-Gaddafi last February.

They capture the city by the city in a period of eight months prior to finally topple his regime was already 42 years old. Gaddafi himself was arrested and killed on 20 October.

' Mother keder',Smart Comedy?

JAKARTA, What can be sold from senior artist acting classmate Ira Maya Sopha, in close collaboration with the acting ability of Qory Sandioriva, Jill Gladys and Pong Hardjatmo? A skit that was claimed to be smart in the film above entitled Mother Keder, with the subtitle reads,"Emakku" Magically Bener! So the film inspired the story Viyanthi Silvana, a Princess of Indonesia 2001 by his Photogenic entitled Mother Keder: Emakku Magic Bener.

In the hands of the production company's vision of cross, as the official release of the Independent Vote, accepted Thursday (1/12), in the film version, made his directorial was entrusted to the Eco Prize. To take the genre of drama-comedy with expectations tend to be more easily accepted market.

"Mother Keder" outline summarizes the real events of the life experiences of the author of the novel, particularly the life in the middle of his tenure was marked by many events often ridiculous and "ajaib". Told of Vivi (Qory Sandioriva), is a female executive, well-established, have careers, cars, apartments, and even though it is rather difficult lover met as equally busy. As a cosmopolitan woman already has everything, Vivi lived the last step, that is married.

Until one day in case of conflicts in the Office that made Vivi decided to resign. At the same time, got word that his brother Vivi, my sister (Jill Gladys) had planned to get married first. In addition, he discovered his infidelity.

Finally, all plans and his life seems to be dispersed, and he returned home and dealing with her family, especially his mother (Ira Maya Sopha) which "ajaib". The magic figure of a mother's nyeleh sold in this film.

For the role of the Mother or that Mami is the central character of Kosasih, entrusted to the senior Ira Maya Sopha actress. Eco judge Ira figure very fitting with the character of mother Kokasih the original. As for the role of Vivi, given to Qory Sandioriva, Putri Indonesia 2009. Although this is the film Mother Keder film as a lead actress, Qory is able to make the producer and Director impressed.

The Film Mother Keder claimed not only simply presenting drama, but also silliness-silliness that displays how the importance of the sense of a family and a manifestation of the prize to the figure of the mother. "Family is everything. If ever there was a problem, go back to the family.

Like anything, any old us seaneh oran, they "re our parents. In the end they are doing is for the good of us also," said Dede Gracia, producer of the Film's vision of cross. % u201CFilm is expected to be an example and reflection to everyone who watched it. Although there is friction, there is a conflict, the family is every

Privilege Mutton

Yesterday, most of Indonesia, in particular the community Muslims rejoice keep the feast of Eid al-Adha 1432 (). The feast of Eid al-Adha is identical with the tradition that is sacrifice. The sacrificial animal was made in Indonesia are mostly goats, cows and buffaloes.

Of course cannot be denied after Eid al-Adha mutton many circulated amongst the community, and a penchant for consumption by most people. Mutton turns out to be a food that is believed to have the benefits of a more privileged than tinggi and beef or lamb. Why is this so?

Low fat content

Of meat goat from always been associated with high fat, thus causing a cholesterol and hypertension. But that assumption is better ditepis as soon as possible, because it turns out that there is no evidence that the goat has a fat content of saturated fats are mainly higher dibandingakan with other types of red meat.

On the contrary research proves that goat meat (karkas) had a total fat content is lower compared with sheep or cattle if karkas dibandingakan in the same condition.

Low content of saturated meat goats are lower than in the other can be seen from the actual condition of the meat after meat goat cooked, it would seem more fluid grease that drip out.

Results of analysis demonstrate that mutton had a fat 50% lower compared to beef and 45% lower in comparison with the lamb.

Nevertheless goat Satay and Coconut Curry goat is precisely at times become the flab. A skewer is usually diselipi pieces of fat for added flavour. Likewise in Coconut Curry goat, Curry ingredient that is full of tucked fats such as meat, bone bersumsum and tetelan plus the coconut milk.

In 100 grams of meat goats, there are 154 calories, fat, 9.2 mg 3.6 mg saturated fat. Whereas, in the 100 grams beef contained 207 calories, 2 mg fat, and 40 mg saturated fat. In addition, mutton is also a source of iron, B vitamins, choline, and selenium. B vitamins will help the body burn fat, while choline and selenium is able to ward off cancer.

Myths and Facts related to HIV/AIDS

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), a disease that infects and destroys the immune system.

HIV is considered to be the most serious problems in the world of health. Every year, is expected to have 8-10 million people infected with the disease, and more than 2 million people died because of it. However, figures for HIV/AIDS claimed to descend as much as 100,000 of the previous year, thanks to early diagnosis and proper treatment.

Up to now there are many myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS. Partially mythos even led to the public fear and despair. Here are some myths about HIV/AIDS.

Myth 1: HIV can be spread through casual contact
HIV can only be spread through blood contact or other body fluids, such as BREAST MILK, semen, and vaginal fluid. HIV is not transmitted through casual contact. Hugging, sharing eating utensils, using the same toilet, or when people with HIV who are coughing or sneezing cannot transmit the HIV virus.

In contrast, HIV can be spread because of sharing syringes; during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding; vaginal and anal intercourse, oral sex; as well as blood transfusions, tissue or organs.

Myth 2: Oral Sex is not able to tularkan HIV
Someone can become infected with HIV disease HIV/AIDS by performing oral sex between men or women. Sperm or vaginal fluids can carry the disease. The risk of HIV has increased in the case of open sores on the genitals or mouth, and gums bleed. Therefore, it is important to use a latex barrier (condom) during oral sex.

Myth 3: HIV is gay disease
Every vulnerable people affected by HIV, whether it's an adult, teen, man, woman, until the newborn. HIV is a disease that is related to an with a heterosexual contact.

Myth 4: Only adults who can be infected with HIV
Who are of age alone can be infected with HIV. Free sex and the use of syringes by drug users remains a major cause of transmission of this disease in young people.

Myth 5: mosquito bites of HIV
mosquitoes do not move the tularkan HIV blood fluid as she sucked the blood of the victims. Mosquitos only injects saliva which may carry diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. HIV/AIDS also does not reproduce on insects.

Myth 6: Women infected with HIV cannot have offspring
Percentage likelihood of a localisation if infected HIV women to pass on HIV to the unborn baby masihlah big, i.e. by 15 to 30 percent. However, this time with antiretroviral therapy, HIV from infecting level infected mother to child has dropped to about 2 to 3 percent.

Myth 7: HIV-positive person appears on a physical
Person can be infected with HIV/AIDS for over 10 years without showing any signs or symptoms of illness. Over the years, people feel good, able to work as normal and showed no signs of this disease. A blood test is still a great thing to know is whether or not advised of this disease on the body.

Myth 8: Condoms can ward off HIV
Using condoms properly before dealing is a protection that is good, but does not guarantee 100% free from HIV transmission. It is most effective with only masihlah related to official partner. For a list of pairs have been known to history clearly.

Myth 9: Contracting HIV means died
Despite the drug has not been found to effectively cure people with HIV/AIDS-positive, but they are exposed to still have a life expectancy and healthy life.

Angelina has a Vital Link in the case of Nazarudin

JAKARTA, the name of the Democratic Party's Deputy Secretary-general referred to in the Angelina Sondakh charges against a former Treasurer of the Democratic Party's General Muhammad Rudi. Corruption eradication Commission (KPK) is the name of Angelina is important to be included in the indictment Nazarudin.

' The name Angelina Sondakh in regard to this rather important case Nazarudin in connection with charges to Nazarudin. That is, interwoven stories yg didakwakan to Nazarudin it concerns Angelina's name, ' said public relations Bureau Chief Budi SP to KPK Johan suaramerdeka, com, Thursday (1/12).

According to the indictment, Johan, a matter of course that didakwaan material related to the person who was charged in this Nazarudin. But Johan added, KPK continues to develop the case. Including all recognition nazarudin will be acted upon.

Although, up Johan, Nazarudin recognition evidence should be supported by evidence. ' Can't simply because a confession alone rose to others as suspects. But the KPK is still developing these cases, whether in proceedings later appeared other facts supporting the fact that it's necessarily going to confession Nazarudin acted upon. The case is not over yet, ' said Johan.

When asked whether the KPK has evidence of the flow of funds to Angelina Sondakh, Johan did not explain in detail. ' A new recognition of a witness or a suspect, '' Johan imbuh.

As known, in the name of the charges against one Party colleague Nazarudin, Angelina was named in the indictment Sondakh. In the indictment drawn up by I We Wiradana, Edy Hartoyo, and Anang Supriatna mentioned, the defendant in the month of January 2010 the Nippon Kan Restaurant housed in the Sultan Hotel Jakarta Selatan, introducing Mindo Rosalina Manullang as marketing the country Boy to Angelina PT Sondakh.

Szczesny-Wear Wigs in the European Cup

LONDON, Arsenal Goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny, has its own votive admits Lottery Euro 2012. Goalie Polondia was pledged to lengthen her hair which, when his country one cepak group with the United Kingdom.

He wanted to perform a longish as legendary goalkeeper of Poland, Jan Irene. When it is not enough time to lengthen hair, wears a wig or Szczesny prepared wigs. What matters, he can perform his will accordingly.

Who are the European Championship will be held on 2 December. Szczesny said would be a fantastic thing if it could fight the United Kingdom in the group stage. ' This competition would be awesome because we host. Arsenal will be exceptional because we are not Favorites and raffle will make a huge impact for us. I can't wait to start the tournament, '' said Szczesny to the Daily Mirror.

' More fantastic again if segrup with the United Kingdom. I will lengthen hair if we segrup with the United Kingdom. You may recall goalie who played against the United Kingdom in 1973, You all need to remember her, ' beber Szczesny. He meant none other is Jan Irene.

Goalkeeper nicknamed ' The Clown ' in question was an important actor in the United Kingdom to frustrate the 1974 World Cup. He managed to do some scintillating rescue United Kingdom had done so at the 1974 World Cup qualification rounds.

On the first leg, menggilas United Kingdom Poland 2-0. Whereas, in the second leg at Wembley Stadium, United Kingdom Poland held 1-1. The result was knocked out of the tournament ensured United Kingdom's largest. Irene also has a hair style nyentrik. She let her hair long and wearing a headband while performing. ' So I will lengthen hair and appears good as he did.

A headband is probably a bit silly, but I'll put it on too. I'll probably be wearing wigs if not enough time to lengthen hair, ' he stated.

The opening game of ISL, Bayern Deltras Sidoarjo

JAKARTA, Although still controversial of the Governing Board of the FOOTBALL LEAGUE, Indonesia Super League (ISL) was held as well. 2011-12 season competition held PT Liga Indonesia was opened with a match between Persija Jakarta and Deltras Sidoarjo, Thursday (1/12/2011).

Kick-off began at about 15.30. A number of pentolan senior and U-23 was also playing in this game, even directly installed as the starter by their respective coaches. You name it, the name Bambang Pamungkas, Gerald Crawford Lestaluhu, Hasim Kipuw, Johan Juansyah, Ismed Sofyan from the Premier League. Then, the name Purwaka Yudhi and Benny Wahyudi from Deltras Sidoarjo.

With this action in digelarnya Major Bung Karno Stadium, Yea, the authorities had given permission to menggelarnya. In fact, the organizers provide around 27 thousand tickets for the inaugural game was with a starting price of Rp 30 thousand to 300 thousand Usd. Arrangement of players both teams:
Persija: 1-Galih Sudaryono, 14-Ismed Sofyan, 15-Fabiano Beltrame, 2-Precious, 23-Leo Soputra, 13-Hasim Kipuw, 10-Robertino Pugliara, 7-Ramdhani Lestaluhu, 20-Bambang Pamungkas, 19-Johan Juansyah, 27-Rahmat Affandi
Substion: 22-Bagus Jiwo, 28-A.A Ngurah Wahyu, 21-Amarzukih, 17-Delton Stevano, 4-Reza A. Gamal, 11-Alan Martha, 42-Ikwan
Deltras: 59-Wawan Hendrawan, 45-Waluyo, 20-Mijo Dadic, 2-Purwaka Yudhi, 23-Benny Wahyudi, 10-Walter Brizuela, 7-Juan Revi, 8-Shin Hyun Joon, 5-Fahkrudin, 9-Sean Daniel Rooney, 13-Budi Sudarsono
Substion: 50-Wahyudi, 4-Dodok Anang, 3-Wahyu Gunawan, 28-Muhammadan, 19-M. Yusuf, 17-Indra Setiawan, 88-Sugiarto

Beckham Left the Arena Players, Consider Indonesia

JAKARTA, coach of the Los Angeles Galaxy (LA Galaxy), Bruce Arena, made the statement after a surprise 1-0 win over Indonesia National Team Selection, Friday (30/11/2011). In addition to giving praise to the Rahmad Darmawan, Bruce Arena also said it would consider the opportunity for players to stake their fate of Indonesia in his team.

' If we lost David (Beckham), we may take any of the players in this squad to Indonesia, '' said Bruce Arena told reporters at a press conference after the game. However, the Arena still will see the development of talented players owned by Indonesia to determine who has the right to left for the United States.

Players may be to try out Indonesia's capability in the LA Galaxy match statement Bruce Arena has yet to come for sure. However, the 60-year-old coach had earlier praised Indonesia national team player appearance Selection, Andik Vermansyah and Greg Nwokolo.

Both appear to be a great opportunity to go home to the club that recently won Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2011. \ \\ ' Team had a lot of talented players Indonesia. Player number 21 (Andik) and 10 (Greg) playing very good and impressive, \ \\' he said.

We just look at whether Bruce statement would be true or not if finally Beckham so left. As known, Beckham is now central reported vigorous will move to France to join the Club of Paris Saint Germain.

Beckham's costume himself to Andik

JAKARTA,Dikasari David Beckham, but finally got a keepsake from her. It experienced Andik Vermansyah. Success finally swapped costumes Andik with Beckham.

At the beginning of the match, had dropped Beckham Andik. In fact, infringing on the Beckham minutes 8 it is hard and from behind.

However, the Virmansyah did Beckham finally Andik gives kausnya. After the game, Beckham was pulled in the 84 minute directly interviewed a television station.

One new question slide, Beckham's concentration breaks. So, there are players that Indonesia gesturing to switch costumes. Beckham also mengiyakan.

The player was none other Andik. In fact, so no sabarnya, who still attends the Beckham Andik interviewed to switch costumes. Beckham meladeni and give directly to kausnya, while stocking Andik Andik she take it.

Beckham seemed impressed on Indonesia football. \ ' Suporternya, \ ' comment Beckham. The young player, Beckham asked Indonesia continues to enjoy and play.