Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

MSI Tablet PC To Businessman

Tablet computer device Competition heats up even more. In the eknologi exhibition Computex 2011 information in Taipei, Taiwan, 31 May-4 June 2011, dozens of new tablet even present to take part in the business center of the nucleus is progressing rapidly. MSI Tablet PCS To Businesses. Looking up the MSI, the computer company from Taiwan. In F1, MSI introduces four options as well as a tablet, not only for the needs of consumers, but also the needs of professionals. Senior Director of Sales Division of MSI Notebook Tablet PC For Businessman Sambora Chern, on the sidelines of the Computex exhibition in 2011, says, for tablet PC, MSI sweep business consumers have become accustomed to using Windows operating systems. Current MSI Middle prepare two units of the tablet PC based on Windows 7, i.e. MSI WindPad 110W and WindPad 120W.
MSI to play in the commercial market, for example for warehouse management, restaurant, police, and so on where they are generally familiar with the application in Windows. These applications are not easily found in the tablet PC with other operating systems. In addition to Windows 7-based tablet PC, MSI also produces the Android-based tablet PC. Android Tablet PC that is WindPad Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 that use Cortex A8 processor 1.2 GHz processor and WindPad 100A with Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9. For now, the MSI was producing WindPad 110W and expected to start shipping from June 2011. As for the WindPad Enjoy 7 and Enjoy 10 will be available starting July 2011, while the WindPad shelf of 120W began in September 2011
WindPad 110W: AMD Dual Core Z01 Brazos 6250 HD Windows 7 Home Preium/Professional Screens 10 inches multitouch screen Memory DDR3 2 GB (max. 4 GB) Media save 32 GB/64 GB Dual camera each 1.3 megapixel Connection Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and 3 g (optional) Socket mini-HDMI, USB, SD Card reader Sensor: ALS (ambient light sensor), G-Sensor (accelerometer), motor (vibration), GPS (optional) weight of 850 grams of battery life up to 6 hours
WindPad 120W
Intel Processor platforms: Trail 10 inches Screen multitouch Windows Home 7 Intel Widi wireless display 2.0 support, support FFS (Fast Flash standby), SRS surround sound Already supported GPS

Outbreaks of Measles Struck Europe

When you and the family was about to travel to Europe in the near future, be sure the children are already getting a measles vaccine. In Europe is currently going on measles outbreaks are highly contagious. Until last October, European health officials reported there have been more than 26,000 cases of measles and resulted in 9 fatalities. According to the WHO, that number rises threefold compared to the same period in 2007.

In France alone there were 14,000 cases were recorded, especially suffered children above 5 years and young adults. Another major outbreak is also found in Spain, Romania, Macedonia, and Uzbekistan. So far the measles has killed 9 people and caused thousands of others were treated at the hospital.

' We are facing a case that is much greater in the last 5 years, ' says Rebecca Martin, immunization program manager for the WHO Office in Europe. He said, the case of measles was a long decline, but increased since the end of 2009. According to Martin, the occurrence of measles epidemic is caused due to the decline in the number of vaccinations and half cases suffered by persons over the age of 5 years.

' Those who so far have not got the measles virus vaccine is now contracting and pass it on, ' he explained. In the report mentioned, vaccination coverage in Europe is high enough, but has not yet reached the target of 95 percent to stop the plague. From the measles patients, half were not divaksin and other vaccine history is unknown.

The spread of measles occur not only in Europe, but also began to spread to North America. In America, normally there are only 50 cases per year, but now it's been found 205 cases, which are considered to be the largest in the past 10 years. Measles is a disease that is highly contagious and 90 people are exposed to these viruses would be sick. Measles Virus spread through the air and in indoor spaces. The spark of saliva this virus can survive for up to two hours.

Measles causes fever, cough, and reddish rash around the body. The disease is killing one to two children from 1,000 children are infected. Pregnant women suffering from measles high-risk miscarriage or giving birth prematurely. In 2008, there were deaths due to measles 164.000 worldwide. More than 95 percent occur in poor countries.

Inter Uprooted in Giuseppe Meazza

MILAN. Inter Milan succumbed to 0-1 to Udinese in Serie A action, at the San Siro, Sunday (4/12/2011) early days WIT. With those results, while Inter is stuck in the number 15 with 14 points, Chievo climbed to second place with 27 points. The victory guest team is determined by Mauricio Isla in the 73 minute. From the middle of the penalty box, he fired the ball submissions Floro Flores in the lower-right corner of the goalkeeper Julio Cesar. The game takes place is open since the early minutes.

Inter comes first creates opportunities, by Giampaolo Pazzini (4) and Diego Milito (8). While the shot blocked, businesses Pick Pazzini misses the target. Udinese countered that with two threats in the future, that is through Gabriel Torje at the 11th and 12th. While his first attempt at a miss, both domesticated pigs could Counterattack.

In the minutes of the 16th and 18th, Ricardo Alvarez and Report back to try to break the deadlock. However, none of their business that leads right to the target. After a minute, Inter showed improvement the quality of accuracy, but not enough powerful to conquer Handanovic.

In the 30th minute and 44th, for example, Thiago Motta and Walter Samuel alternately fired the ball, all of whom were stranded in the hands of Handanovic. The match in the second half was not much changed. The two camps play quite open and exchanged threats, this time as Roma looks more often endanger the goal for Inter after Torje in 54th minute domesticated Julio César, Inter countered with a shot that misses from Pazzini, mark.

Fiorentina then launched the reply Dusan Basta endless shots at the minute the 66, that could be domesticated Cesar. In the 71 minute, Thiago Motta test Samir Handanovic with long-range shots, which wasn't titis. Inter then even counterattack,Inter then even kecolongan counteroffensive, which led to goals from Mauricio Isla.

Inter reacted quickly replying to it through business in minutes to Mauro Zarate-75, which again is not accurate. The inclusion of Dejan Cristian Chivu replacing Dejan Stankovic in the 80th minute, making the attack in Sudan more alive. However, not to mention creating a threat means, Inter Milan, spawned a counteroffensive which led a gift penalty after Javier Zanetti broke the Hon.

Kwadwo Asamoah scored. For infringement, Zanetti earned a second yellow card. Fortunately for Inter, Cesar manages to thwart the execution of penalty made Antonio Di Natale. At the minute-89, a chance to equalize after Damiano Ferronetti rated breaking Report in the penalty box. However, that is believed to perform execution Pazzini, arrangement catapults our effective ball up the slide.

Inter then got another advantage, a second yellow card for the Damiano Ferronetti because continues to protest the referee about the first received a yellow card.

However, the mepetnya time it failed to make the maximum profit is utilized by Inter. long, with Whistles went off the 0-1 remain listed in the scoreboard. During the match, Celtic took control of the ball as much as 57 percent and creating 15 Gold from two business opportunities. As for the release of six shots accurately as Roma from 12 attempts.

Makeup player
Inter: Julio Cesar; Walter Samuel, Andrea Ranocchia, Cristian Chivu (Dejan Stankovic 80), Javier Zanetti; Thiago Motta, Esteban Cambiasso, Ricardo Alvarez (Yuto Nagatomo 46), Marco Davide Faraoni (Mauro Matías Zarate 62); Giampaolo Pazzini, Diego Milito

Udinese: Samir Handanovic; Danilo, Damiano Ferronetti, Medhi Benatia; Kwadwo Asamoah, Mauricio Isla, Giampiero Pinzi, Pablo Armero, Dusan Basta; Antonio Di Natale (Joel Ekstrand 90), Gabriel Torje (Antonio Floro Flores 62)
Referee: Andrea Gervasoni

Hernandez Threatened a four-Week Absence

BIRMINGHAM, Manager of Manchaster United (MU), Sir Alex Ferguson, reveal, Javier Hernandez suffered ankle injuries while performing against Aston Villa, Saturday (3/12/2011). Possibility, Hernandez had to absent for four weeks. In a match that ended with the victory of the ' Red Devils ' 1-0, Hernandez was only able to play for 12 minutes. He suddenly fell down, although it is not violated. After getting treatment from Mexico that, attackers directly ditandu outside and cannot continue the match. ' I think torn ligaments in his wrist. It makes him perhaps absent for four weeks, '' said Ferguson to ESPN after the match. ' We are entering a poorly with a large number of players who are injured at the moment, ' sambungnya. Before Hernandez, ' Red Devils ' Dimitar Berbatov had also lost and Michael Owen for injuries.

The mechanism of BBM Subsidies for KA are still Discussed

BANDUNG, the Government is still discussing the mechanics of the use of FUEL subsidies for PT Kereta Api Indonesia. Previously, it was decided subdisi value reached Rp 150 billion.

According to the Director General of railways Kemenhub, Inderawan, subsidies for Tunjung it for Freight TRAIN operations.

' Calculations were Rp 150 billion for RAILWAY Freight, in the form of fuel. How to secure that right for the benefit of KA used goods, the mechanism still we examine, '' he said.

Tunjung confirms it's been a long mengingingkan of FUEL subsidy policy applies also to the KA. Support it's already done all the way today.

' We've already sent a letter about it to the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES has been a year ago, '' he asserts. Previously, SP berkoar-koar-KA has stalled work on Tuesday (6/12) tomorrow because of FUEL Subsidies. Following the pengabulan demands it, the greater the chances of such threats do.

Deselect Circular path tests related (loopline) Jabodetabek commuter RAILWAY which tends to semrawut, stating the conditions at the Tunjung which are severely affected factors of socialization that is not yet optimal.

' Sosialiasinya less intense, though already long that there are still users are surprised. This schedule should also be matching key, ' he explained.

BPBD: impact of Lava shifts to the lower reaches.

MAGELANG, head of Logistics, Emergency and disaster management Agency (BPBD) area of Magelang Djoko Sudibyo said the impact of the flood of cold lava of Merapi mountain began to shift to the lower reaches of the River.

This condition is especially true around the Time of white. If last year's flood of lava crashing around the village of Jumoyo, Seloboro and Sirahan in Salam now shifted to bawash in the vicinity of the village Blongkeng, district come to Ngluwar village.

In his daily report, BPBD Magelang mentions cold lava floods that occurred earlier this week led to four homes were lost, as well as six severely damaged eleven homes threatened.

"Blongkeng village became a victim of a flood of lava because of the lower area there has been no handling which means such as normalization or safeguards rivers. Whereas in the upper section is already handling," said Djoko Sudibyo.

Meanwhile, the number of displaced victims of lava already decreased compared to the previous mencapi 102 inhabitants. Of that amount, a total of 62 inhabitants took refuge in the House of the village of Blongkeng, ten in Shelter Box and seven people in Huntara Jumoyo.

Decrease in the number of refugees it because there are some residents who returned home after felt conditions were safe. "From 102 dropped to 91 and then the last 79 people now. They are citizens of the village of Blongkeng," added mustache man, today.

Djoko estimate the number of refugees coming back increases if the flood of lava back damaging Township. To meet the basic needs of these refugees, it has had a stock of assistance from the Central Java province.

Help is now still accommodated in Warehouse Logistics and Building Bakorwil Magelang city. "Sewaktu-time there is a surge in the number of refugees, this assistance can be channelled," immediately add him.

Farmers Reject Onion Imports In Brebes

BREBES, onion farmers in Brebes Regency declared refused the entry of imported onions which keeps memanjiri territory. The rejection was expressly conveyed to the Minister of agriculture (Mentan) Dr Ir Suswono MMA, when doing a work visit in the village of Cipelem and Bulusari, district Bulakamba, Brebes, Sunday (4/12).

The farmers asked for must be stopped the influx Mentan onion imports to the West, as had been the cause of the price of local onions fell. As a result, farmers suffered big losses. Onion imports had also been very troubling farmers due to alleged gaming device vendors. When the price of onions, onion local good coming in, so that the import prices of segaja local spur of the moment down.

"We refused the onion farmers Brebes, because imported onions has made the price of onions we fell, '' said Secretary of the Association Bawang Merah Indonesia (ABMI) Juwari, before Dr. Ir Suswono Mentan MMA, which welcomed cheerleader for other farmers.

The influx of imported onions, he said, has always been a trigger for the price of local onions fell. In fact, local onion prices currently are in the lowest point, which is Rp 2,500/kg. Whereas the price to the farmer gets lucky ideal Rp 5,500/kg. "If something like this we are definitely a big loss," he asserts.

2011 Solo Predicted inflation of 2%

SOLO-Solo city as long as inflation Rates 2011 predicted shall not exceed 2%. In accumulative between January and November 2011, the rate of inflation reached 1.50% of the Town River. That figure is much lower than the rate of inflation in Jan-Nov 2010 to reach 3.07%.

The head of the Central Board of Statistics (BPS) of Surakarta, Toto Desanto explains, the low figures for inflation caused a lot of things. ' The price of foodstuffs and other commodities, all the January-November fluctuate. Solo is not only experiencing inflation, but also the deflation in the past few months, ' he said.

Several times, the stock of foodstuffs on the market thinned, the effect on the ups and downs of prices. Moreover, the Solo is not producing areas so that stock groceries, heavily influenced condition in producing areas. Weather factors also cause prices fluctuate.

' Of the many contributors to inflation, the Group's most gave food, ' says my share in Toto. He described, see the 2011 inflation predictions that only 2%, to say the economic conditions are conducive Solo.

His condition is good, because economic growth in Solo not bothered by the ups and downs in the market price of various commodities. What's from month to month, no fluctuation in the price of commodities are very prominent. ' If view developments from month to month, largely due to more ups and downs of prices of foodstuffs, ' he says.

Although this factor contributes to economic growth, but its contribution is not very significant. ' Fluktuasinya still in the stage. Unless the movement of the price rises too high or down too low, it's disruptive new economic growth. All commodities that affect economic growth, but depending on the little intensitasnya, ' he explained.

The band also said, looking at the inflation predictions for 2011 is not too high, next year's economic growth is expected not to be disturbed. However his condition can be different, if the Government realize the subsidized FUEL consumption prohibition discourse for private cars.

' If the matter of FUEL, will certainly be very influential. For this reason a commodity price rise would be caused if the multiplier effect, '' he added