Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Sniper Shot Dead an activist of women in Yemen!

Sanaa-Yemen conflict continues to eat the victim. Loyalist troops in Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh shot and killed a woman in an action of protest in Taiz, Yemen. 6 other protesters took part in peaceful demonstration were injured. As reported by al-Jazeera, Tuesday (6/12-20110), thousands of demonstrators gathered in the center of the city of Taiz, about 200 km south of the capital Sanaa to protest attacks on demonstrators.

According to a local doctor, at least eight people were injured in a demonstration of anti-Saleh after armed men was seen firing from a roof. The victims included a woman who died in hospital after being hit by a shot in the chest. ' Taghrid Hammoud dies after hit by bullets. Six protesters, including two women were also injured hit by the shots, ' said the doctor.

According to a witness, Army anti-Saleh and also a member of the Republican Guard, headed by Saleh bin Ahmed, Kalashnikov type rifles raised in various way in Taiz. Tanks and other fighting vehicles belonging to the opposition forces, leaving several areas in Taiz, but the sniper or snipers fired at armed men and the demonstrators. ' Both sides violated the Armistice Agreement. We marched peacefully and their (the Pious) opened fire on us, '' said medical student Hamoud al-Aklamy.

In the South of the country, Government forces engaged in a firefight the fighters of Islam in Zinjibar and killing four people from them. The Islamic fighters had captured three towns in southern Yemen since last March, included Zinjibar, the capital of the province of Abyan.

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