Senin, 05 Desember 2011


Do you know what is called A theory of Love?
ATC is the only mengkhayalkan perfect love, composed the poem love in thinking, sleeping half the up and up a half-sleep-melamunkan the beauty of love, cry heard a love song, mad watching sitcoms betrayal in love,
BUT lazy self, reluctant keep clean themselves, like the merupawankan enjoy the grief, diligent complained about this and that, not getting along, or just hang out-hangs out with them a bad behavior, and angry if advised to memantaskan myself to love a more classy.
ATC, do not dream of the perfect soul mate, but continue to live dimmed without change. You may not be proper to the love which is like anything else, if you do not make yourselves IMPLEMENTERS of attitudes and behaviour of love.
Don't just love melamunkan, but berlakulah is full of love. If you deserve to love, love will you get.
Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always

Sniper Shot Dead an activist of women in Yemen!

Sanaa-Yemen conflict continues to eat the victim. Loyalist troops in Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh shot and killed a woman in an action of protest in Taiz, Yemen. 6 other protesters took part in peaceful demonstration were injured. As reported by al-Jazeera, Tuesday (6/12-20110), thousands of demonstrators gathered in the center of the city of Taiz, about 200 km south of the capital Sanaa to protest attacks on demonstrators.

According to a local doctor, at least eight people were injured in a demonstration of anti-Saleh after armed men was seen firing from a roof. The victims included a woman who died in hospital after being hit by a shot in the chest. ' Taghrid Hammoud dies after hit by bullets. Six protesters, including two women were also injured hit by the shots, ' said the doctor.

According to a witness, Army anti-Saleh and also a member of the Republican Guard, headed by Saleh bin Ahmed, Kalashnikov type rifles raised in various way in Taiz. Tanks and other fighting vehicles belonging to the opposition forces, leaving several areas in Taiz, but the sniper or snipers fired at armed men and the demonstrators. ' Both sides violated the Armistice Agreement. We marched peacefully and their (the Pious) opened fire on us, '' said medical student Hamoud al-Aklamy.

In the South of the country, Government forces engaged in a firefight the fighters of Islam in Zinjibar and killing four people from them. The Islamic fighters had captured three towns in southern Yemen since last March, included Zinjibar, the capital of the province of Abyan.

The Threat Of European Bayangi The Wall Street Rating

New York-stocks on Wall Street closed strengthened exchanges. However the strengthening was overshadowed by the threat of a decrease in ranking of countries in Europe. Investors initially optimistic after President of France Nicolas Sarkozy said France and Germany will come to an agreement to control more tightly, fiscal Europe that will be voted on Friday.

But the good news that eroded after the Financial Times reported a potential drop in the ranking of most European countries. And after close of trading, Standard & amp; Poor's announced it has placed the rating of 500 Germany, France and a number of other European countries on ' Credit Watch Negative ', a step to a decrease in ranking. ' Market feel has left a concern for some time and now they have to meet him again, ' obviously Bruce Zaro, analyst of Delta Global Asset Management as quoted from Reuters, Tuesday (6/12/2011).

In trading Monday (5/12/2011), the Dow Jones index closed rose 78,41 points (0.69%) to as low as 12.097,83. The index Standard & amp; Poor's 500 also strengthened 12,80 points (1.03%) to as low as,08 and the Nasdaq rose 1.257 28,83 points (1.10%) to as low as of 2655,76. The financial sector index rose 2.1% GSPF and led a reinforcement. Shares of Citigroup rose 5.9% to record $ 29.83, Morgan Stanley rose 6.8% to as low as US $ 16,57. One of the biggest decline was print MetLife Inc. rose to 3.7% to as low as US $ 32,92, after the US life insurance company announced that earnings growth projection of up to 7% Although the quarter IV below expectations. But trading was not very crowded with transactions in the New York Stock Exchange just for 7,18 billion shares, below the daily average of 7,96 billion shares.

Rating European countries Threatened, IHSG incorect

Jakarta - joint-stock price index (the TRADE) rectified thin 6 points following the threat of a decrease in ranking countries in Europe by S & amp;P. Asian Exchange also gave negative sentiment is depressed. While the rupiah-dollar exchange rate against the United States (U.S.) opened position weakening in Rp 9.070 per u.s. dollar compared to the closing of trading yesterday at Rp 9.030 per u.s. dollar.

On trade, TRADE on the thin preopening weakened (0.28%) 6,737 points to as low as 3.774,056. LQ 45 Index down while thin 1,693 points (0.25%) to as low as 667,923. Open trade, Tuesday (6/12/2011), TRADE on the thinning 6.837 points (0.20%) to 3,849 level,956. LQ 45 index weakened thin 1,719 points (0.25%) to as low as 667,897.

IHSG moving sideways yesterday, for the second time, closed just up super slim not until one points. Investors have not dared to put funds in assets are at risk. The negative sentiment returned to come from the European zone, CRA rating S & amp;P put the debt rating of Germany, France, and some countries in the Euro zone into a credit watch negative, one stage before the drop in the rating. Cash only news that make Exchange-Exchange on regional depressed and fell into the red zone. Pelemahannya enough, led by the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Following the situation in the stock exchange this morning-regional: Shanghai Composite Index down thin 7,38 points (0.32%) to as low as 2,325,85. Hang Seng index weakened 176,86 points (0.93%) to as low as 19.002,83. Nikkei 225 index was down points (63,46%) to as low as 8.632 0.71.52. Straits Times index eased 20,83 points (0.75%) to as low as 2,745 .40. While the exchange rate of the rupiah against the US dollar weakening in the unlocked position Usd 9.070 per u.s. dollar compared to the closing yesterday.

yesica toscanini : immediatly affair juan roman riquelme

Tweet to see photos of women born 26 March 1986 this all men will be melted. Yesica Toscanini, model green-edged favorite Argentina, were meant to shake the world with the beauty of her face and sexiness.Born in Junin, Argentina, in the local city, Toscanini must follow the will of her parents to move to a small town named Ituzaingo at the age of 4 years. Perhaps because this was Toscanini had to wait for the time.

At the age of 15 years, Yesica Toscanini started her modeling career. He immediately joined the Dotto Modelling Agency, one of the most famous model agency in antero Argentina.

Yesica Toscanini may also want to make the whole world envied men in Argentina's men could see it anywhere in the country. It took until the age of 20 years that Toscanini was aware that the foreign market is very promising for future modellingnya. As a result, in 2006, he began to perform stand-up comedy in Sports Illustrated. A step most spectacular and most successfully introduced it to the world.

Even women normally would turn out to be a lesbian when looking at the photos seksinya. Not just for that year, appeared for the Swimsuit Edition Yesica his Sports Illustrated in 2007. Luck of the most important ever stood in those years.

Yesica Toscanini was chosen to be the model videos Enrique Iglesias called "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)". Since then, hundreds of work awaits the beautiful body and all males on Yesica world won't mind about this.

Video "Do You Know?" can be seen below and get ready with content that may be too vulgar. Talk about the status of WAGsnya, Yesica's ex-boyfriend Juan Roman Riquelme, Boca Juniors who attack regulator failed in Barcelona because of conflict with Louis Van Gaal.

Brief background information: full name:Yesica Toscanini was born: Junin, 26th March 1986, hair color: green colour eyes: red Size: 33.75-15.2 -35 weight: 58 kg height: 176 cm Trivia Yesica Toscanini arguably as destroyer of lives of Juan Riquelme.

Understandably, when they were dating, Riquelme already have children tiga and seems to be the wife of the amorous life. Knowing her husband is having an affair, the wife of Riquelme kalap and almost memorakporandakan their luxury home.

In Asia, Bank RI the Most Grab Money

Jakarta-banks in Indonesia take profit in Asia. It looks from the high difference in the spread between mortgage interest or and deposit interest. The difference in interest rates this could reach 6%. Case submitted by candidates for Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Perry Warjiyo in test appropriateness and feasibility of Deputy Governor of Commission XI HOUSE of BI by the Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011).

' After dropping by 75 bps BI Rate from 6.75% to 6% in the last two months have to traverse a BI measures to accelerate the decline in interest rates in order to encourage retail banking credit and financing for the corporate world, ' said Perry in a test of propriety and appropriateness of Deputy Governor of Commission XI HOUSE of BI by the Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011). According to Perry, the BI Rate reduction should be followed by a decrease in interest rates, banking savings interest rates as well as good credit.
' important follow-up step to decrease the interest rates can go down as great credit, particularly through reductions in the spread between interest rates of savings and credits that are still high and the highest in Asia which is about 6%, ' said Perry. Perry explained, banking need to be encouraged to lower the high spread.

Implementation, i.e. through setting the basic interest rate for credit (SBDK) and put into the business plan targets Bank (RBB). ' With the drop in mortgage interest then it will hopefully improve banking in channeling credit pernanan with low interest rates to boost the national economy, '' he said.

Perry also expect further interest rate deposits or deposits should be also right down to the level of worth In his speech he Perry raised the theme of ' strengthening the resurgence of Bank Indonesia: Escorting the national economy is facing a Global Crisis ' Impact. Member of Commission XI Arif Budimanta said what presented Perry already fairly comprehensive. And provides an overview of the area of monetary management strategy in the face of the global financial crisis.

' But in some ways technically inclined to conservative, BI should encourage OJK (Financial Services Authority) in full for the operation in January 2013, not the end of 2013. We also want to look through the mechanisms and oversight of payment systems and financial transaction how each candidate's commitment to resolve the issue of Bank Century, ' he said.

Menag: My Ready Handcuffed if there are Irregularities Pilgrimage

Jakarta-the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Commission VIII found some errors in the running of the Hajj. Suryadharma Ali was Minister of religious affairs claimed to be ready if there are irregularities were committed in Kementeriannya.

"if found lapses cuffed, my ready" said Suryadharma in evaluation of organizing the pilgrimage raker 1432H/2011 with Commission VIII, at the Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011). This also allowed an Ketum PPP REPRESENTATIVES proposed to establish an independent special who later attend the Hajj.

"Silakan, we never ban," he said. Even so, he asked when the HOUSE is really serious formatting, the institution shall institute employment professionals, and quality.

"If it (the Agency) has the advantage of is displayed," add Suryadharma. Previously reported the team supervisor for the pilgrimage 1432 Ah/2011 PARLIAMENT assessing the Religious Ministry (Persyaratan) had made a mistake in the Organization of the Hajj.

"Kesalahan are dilanggarnya an agreement between the Commission results panja BPIH VIII and Persyaratan about providing food by catering using a box but in fact the buffet," team supervisor, said Mahrus Munir. Not only that, the team is assessing the number of events that indicate a host pilgrimage to bad.

Including cases of diarrhea that happened to pilgrims and transportation as well as the salaries are not appropriate. The team also discovered a overseer of financial irregularities for the pilgrimage.

So the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES asked the KPK and CPC to mengauditnya. Mahrus says Commission VIII received a report from an officer called Masdalina related burunya Ministry of Hajj. However, the report imposes given letter from masdalena.

Mario Teguh

shall not relieve you of affection in upayamu to build success. People can become rich without affection, but it may be peaceful and happy.
People can become King without affection, but it's unlikely close and respected by his subjects.
People can be known without any affection, but definitely a quiet grieving in kesendiriannya.
Compassion is the pemasti goodness of your heart in triumph or in times that test kesabaranmu.
Now ...
Tuwing, and feel how your face, if teduhnya hue your heart full of compassion.
Mario Teguh-Loving you all as always

Formed Pasha, Yangseku loser Ungu

Jakarta, Although just exist in music
belantika homeland, Yangseku very
sure can get their own place in the
hearts of the people. By offering something original, they turned out to
defeat the Purple and other famous
musicians. ' Idol ' is indeed becoming
their first single which was released in
early 2011.

But it seems that there have
been many who liked the song until the duo Fenti and Daughter could beat
senior-seniornya in terms of the sale of
RBT (ring back tone). In a few weeks
they can occupy the highest peak in the
sale of the Homeland. RBT ' We had a
couple of weeks it topped, even up to defeat Ungu, ' said Princess to

His music lovers in the country is very
interested in the work of that simple
with catchy lyrics. Although still selling
songs about love and heartbreak, also
Yangseku glance at religious segment. ' We are still a matter of love, parting and

But there is also a religion, ' he
says. Yangseku does offer a work that
deserves thumbs up by creating their
own songs. Even today it's almost eight
songs that will soon be made into their debut album.

' Some of the songs already there, but
for now it still singles once, probably
early next year is going to release an
album, ' said Fenti. The music industry is
believed to be central to their decreased after the case of premium SMS the RBT
and had a chance to make musicians

And are there any sales
strategy of Yangseku and the Inzpire as
a label? ' We're going to make a different
format. We want to try to enter the album with distros include merchandise
and t-shirts into the bundle sale, ' says
Vienna Natalia as boss Inzpire.