Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Three die in Egyptian protests

CAIRO: At least three people have been killed and 257 wounded as Egyptian protesters and security forces clashed in the worst violence in weeks, overshadowing the vote count in the latest round of a landmark general election.

State television reported that three people were killed on Friday in the clashes that continued through the night on a street that is home to government buildings and parliament.

The clashes, which raged since dawn, were the bloodiest since five days of protests in November killed more than 40 people just before the first general election since the ouster of the former president Hosni Mubarak in February.

One of the dead was Emad Effat, a senior cleric in the government-run Dar al-Ifta, the state's official interpreter of Islamic law, the institution said.

Footage posted on YouTube showed the bloodied cleric lying on the street before protesters carried him away.

The violence erupted at dawn after a protester said he had been arrested by soldiers and beaten up, infuriating his comrades who began throwing stones at the soldiers, witnesses said.

Protesters threw petrol bombs as clashes continued through morning.

The protesters objected to the military's appointment of a new caretaker prime minister, calling on the generals to transfer power to a civilian government.

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