Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

PARLIAMENT Began Voting Election Four New KPK Leaders

JAKARTA, propriety test processes and the feasibility of prospective leaders in the KPK, the CUP this afternoon (2/12), until the end. The deliberations which had resulted in the agreement speed up the trials. Finally the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Election Commission III started four of the eight capim became Chairman of KPK, through the voting.

Previously, since Monday (3/11) to Thursday (2/12), the eight candidates for head of KPK carry out fit and proper test. Bambang Widjojanto, are Jonah Husein, Abraham Samad, the Prosecutor, Adnan Pandu Praja Zulkarnain, Inspector Pol (Ret.) Aryanto Sutadi, Abdullah Hehamahua and times magazine Sudradjat.

Santer is circulating that only six of the eight candidates who really will compete in this poll. While the two candidates, namely Abdullah Hehamahua and Sudradjat was not in times magazine safety zone.

Earlier, in front of members of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Commission III in attendance, Imax Busyro Muqoddas expressed following the US-led kesediaanya Exchange in the selection of candidates for the CUP this afternoon. Voting election management COMMISSION itself will be conducted in two stages. The first stage is to choose four of the eight names put forward names. Furthermore,

Commission III will pick one of RI HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES from four or five names to be Unearthed. Present in the election of the Chairman of this COMMISSION, 37 of the 54 members of the Commission.

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