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How to plant And care for Roses the rose is beautiful

Flowering overgrown continuously, want? Here's how to unlock the secrets of cultivating roses, how to plant and care for roses, choosing plants roses, trim and fertilize roses flowering plants to be dense and continuous.
Choose a crop factor of selecting plants roses Rose was included that determines your success in which roses. The type or types of roses that how carriageway for your garden.
Do you want to propagate roses for fencing, pergola or rose to close to the ground, a rose pot, planted with roses to other flowers or roses for cut flowers? Want the flowers are small, medium or large? Want roses flowering single or group? When is your first time planting roses should select plants that are already so in rose pot, aged a minimum of 2 year to reduce the risk of failure. Select plants with branching of at least 3 major branches. It is sometimes sold cheap/discount rose a small branch. We recommend that you avoid having a rose on sale with quality grade are usually of nuts. Will not generate maximum interest in a long time.

How to plant Roses
Roses as well as other ornamental plants requires fertile, best fed a compost or humus. Select a location exposed to the Sun directly, not much wind blow. Roses need a minimum of 4 hours glare of the Sun per day to generate a lot of interest and continued support. Rose did not like the ground or ground yg yg liat muddy rain ..., select the location that the water does not stagnate/stag. When the soil was too clay mix with compost/topsoil and sand with a ratio of 1: 1: 1.
make a hole with a depth of at least 50 cm. content with fertile soil, and organic fertilizer or mulch for roses and for clay or sandy soil, mix the soil: compost: the sand with a comparison of 1: 1: 1. Distance between the plant depends on the type of Rose's reply you planting. When you plant roses cover the ground then the distance between the rose approximately 30 cm. Kalo rose to approximately 1 m even pergola requires 2 m depending on the type of rose.
Roses to fences or cut flowers are usually spaced planting 60 cm. While early planting rose needs to be watered daily with many, watered only on land, select watering when the morning or evening where there is no mention of the Sun. Remember only the land it never leaves. At the time of the flowering roses also need plenty of water, with abundant sirami. When 2-year-old in your garden, frequency penyirama can already reduced to 4 days, but do not each time flushing until the soil was really wet get to the root.
Caring for the plants to keep the Roses Rose.
numerous and continuous flowering, do some important things here:
* Let me eat and drink on a regular basis. Food in the form of special fertilizer plant roses or if there is no give compost or humus. Fertilizing is done ahead of the spring or reply in indonesia during the end of the rainy season,ahead of the spring. Feed again every 2 months during the flowering period. I used to use organic fertilizer special roses, sometimes also cow dung and chicken shit me-so (already dried and terkomposisi/not-still new). Let me drink me-many match-me-I wrote the above.
* Gemburkan of soil and pull the weeds/wild plants. Currently I can't do this trick anymore, replaced with mulching. Mulching is the Act of covering up the ground under a tree roses with organic matter. This organic material can be cacahan tree bark, cacahan daun2an, wrote a piece of grass mowed Hay, vegetables, pieces of kitchen waste. This avoid Mulching growing wild plants, reduce watering frequency due to soil moisture awake, terlomposisi and bahan2nya would be good to plant litter. Mulching in winter to be the patron for the rose of blow the snow and cold.
* Prune Pruning roses Rose. rose dependent. Antique roses/the rose the ancient not allowed in the spring as it trimmed rose flowers are generated and these type of cabang2 produced from the previous year. Kalo trimmed in the spring the flowers produced will yield little or even not at all. Propagate climbing rose/rose/rosier grimpant on the first 2 years should not be pruned as it will make the plants that don't produce cabang2 lengthy and propagate. Prune or remove dried-branch, which leads into the plant and the flowers have withered branches. Waste also leaves the twigs with yellowing. More info on pruning the Roses will I write unto itself in the future.
* Prevent and treat diseases of roses When fertile land and planting areas in the pit is created, then the Rose will rarely sick. Common diseases in Roses is Marsonia (black spots), and leaf rust about Oidium. When that happens I just feed the plant, and throw away the pain daun2 (cropped, collected and burned). I squirted liquid for prevention preles (organic matter). Pests such as aphids rose (in France called puceron), which eat the young shoots and buds. I was overcome with the shutter tick tsb. I usually pake Kalo most water mixture savon de marseille (marseille SOAP is SOAP organic) and a dollop of vegetable oil/olive oil). I spray the liquid hose and 3 days later again to turn off disemrotkan kutu2 warranty period.
* Discard Gourmand.
On the dimenggunakan technique of rose plant grafting, sometimes appearing shoots out of the trunk bottom. In France it shoots called Gourmand. Can we know this because of the form dauannya gourmand is small, in contrast to the leaves of roses used as rods up. Buangi and turn off that because if left gourmand will dominate on and off a rose stem rose up.
Yes, probably confused gini explanation: Rose grafting techniques (people in Indonesia are often nyebut as rose hybrid) consists of 2 parts, wild rose stems down is to rooting that sturdy and strong plant and stem of a rose that produces a beautiful flower. When the shoots from underground stems are left to grow and grow, then it will dominate the plant and finally stem top-producing beautiful flowers did not develop and eventually die.
Easy to hope by choosing the right types of roses, the following tips to plant and care for your Roses will have a beautiful rose garden and the dense and continuous flowering. In the future I will write in further detail about the planting of roses, rose, rose moved the multiply with cuttings and grafting and cultivation of roses and other tips.

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