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Sleeping position The He stir up Passion

Body language capable of expressing our feelings are actually against the couple. But at the time of sleep, whether her body language can read the eye? And then how to position the bed he made you passionate about?

1. Eye see you

this happens when You Position and he's facing each other in bed, with his eyes stared at each other. This position allows you both to mutually touching the front of each body. You can freely caressing his chest that field while looking at her eyes lovey-dovey, teasing.

You have full access to touching your feet soft to his feet. This position enjoyed by man because he can easily stroking her thighs and dent your body while making sure you are comfortable sleeping Samurai.

2. Cuddly-wuddly
At the position of the , he slept in the open position, while You lay down ourselves with the position of the head on the chest or shoulder menyandar kekarnya.

This very intimate cuddling position, because he can freely put his arms stroking your back gently. This position was able to make it passionate, due to the fact that the proximity of the two of you, until the sound pounding heartbeat and that he was eager to take you comfortably and feel secure in her arms.

3. Backwards Bear
You and she sleeps in the position of the body aside, each curled up like a fetus in the womb. That's when You can hug her from behind, having him fully. This position is very exciting, because he can feel your breasts touched his back.

Meanwhile, legs intertwined and your arms hugged him.
This position also provided an opportunity You whisper words evoke her passion, with occasional gently exhales behind his ear. If you'd like a little mengusilinya, give a small gelitikan her loins.

4. Forwards Bear
This time , let him change embraces You from behind. This being the position marker he wanted to give a sense of security and comfort by protecting You into her arms.

5. Twister Snore
Though not too easy, this sleep position could add to the feel of intimacy between the two of you. While You're on top of its body, with the face and legs, and face each other's arms, You could freely gaze of his eyes while listening to his heart's passion degap degup resist.

6. Pillow Fluffy
In this position, you lie on your back and put his head into the he your chest. Believe me, man like this, because the position of sleep leaning on your chest is much more comfortable and calm than to sleep on cushions.

7. All those Bright Lights
On sleep, the position he's lying on her back, while your head was on his stomach. He was able to freely caress your hair and fantasize if ever your face down only a few inches down towards the intimnya area.

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