Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Libya Will Integrasi 50,000 Guerrillas

TRIPOLI, security forces will integrate 50,000 guerrillas who fought against forces loyal to former leader Muamar Gaddafi's Libya, into the security forces. It is said to be the Minister of Home Affairs while that country, Fawzi Abdelali.

According to him, all combat brigades that fought on the front lines will enter the ranks of the Ministry of defence and security forces were kementeruan in the country. He says, a ' petempur ' commissions have been established by the National Transition Council (NTC) to do further integration of the former rebels into security forces.

Abdelali, who spoke at the event to mark the completion of the training of one group of former rebels by police France, did not give a time frame for integrating it.

It explains, the plan will be integrating promulgated weeks Dean, and adding the North African country's plan to rehabilitate the 200,000 petempur in a long period. Tens of thousands of civilians have been up in arms when Libya rebellion broke out in anti-Gaddafi last February.

They capture the city by the city in a period of eight months prior to finally topple his regime was already 42 years old. Gaddafi himself was arrested and killed on 20 October.

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