Rabu, 30 November 2011

The Government Officially Restrict the export of Rattan

JAKARTA, Official Government banned the export of rattan reasons, raw and semi-finished rattan. A number of packages of any policy issued in organizing it on Wednesday (30/11/2011).

By looking at a number of aspects in the sectors of industry, forestry, and commerce, the Government established the existence of five regulations related to the banning of exports of raw rattan. Policy package consists of three Rules, one Rule Secretary of Commerce Minister of industry, and one Rule Secretary of Forestry.

' We shut down exports of raw rattan with conviction will occur by the absorption industry in the country, '' said Minister of trade, Gita Wirjawan, in a release received Kompas.com.

With the cessation of these exports, Gita hope, the construction of food production centre forward is not only focused on Java but will be developed throughout Indonesia. ' And not less important, increased efforts for the control of technology from outside is needed to improve the quality of the product through design development, ' he added that he was what is seen in the regulation of the Minister of Trade of the export of Rattan which include a ban on the export of rattan, rattan, reasons of raw and semi-finished rattan; Regulation of the Minister of Trade of Transportation between islands Rattan; and regulation of the Minister of Commerce of Goods that can be stored in the warehouse receipt, the warehouse in organizing System.

While the expectation of the development of rattan industry Regulations will be supported by the Minister of industry regarding changes to the regulation of the Minister of industry Number 119/M-Ind/Per/10/2009 on the map Guide (Roadmap) Furniture Industry Cluster Development (particularly rattan furniture).

In addition, this also stops the export of rattan as an attempt to stop the exploitation of the taking of rattan so threatening preserved. For this, the policy package also comes with a Regulation of the Ministry of Forestry Production Plan Assignment Rattan Lestari Nationwide by 2012 Period Of Utilization And the casting of non-Wood forest products Rattan which Burdened IUPHHBK or IPHHBK.

According to data from the Ministry of Forestry Research results of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), the rattan can be produced sustainably is equal to some 530,000 tons of raw rattan. That amount was converted into the shape of rattan that number to 210,000 tonnes.

Then, the rattan reasons of 126.000 tons. And, of the reasons being the rattan from rotan wood semi-finished of 63,000 tons. Of these, semi-finished rattan average exported $ 33,000 tons and the rest of the 30,000 tons of used to supply the needs of industrial goods and rattan furniture rattan in the country.

With the export of raw materials, industrial utilization in the country only by 30 percent. So the market for rattan industry supplied by competitors who get raw rattan from Indonesia.

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