Rabu, 30 November 2011

Norway decided to close the Embassy in Tehran

Norway decided to close the Embassy in Tehran pascaserangan of the United Kingdom Embassy in Iran by the demonstrators on Tuesday (29/11/2011).

' The diplomatic staff of Norway was still in Tehran and there has been no decision to evacuate them, ' said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Hilde Steinfeld, Friday (30/11/2011). '

Our Embassy closed yesterday (Tuesday) after the attack on the United Kingdom Embassy, '' he added.

' we will continue to evaluate the situation, ' she replied when asked how long the closure was done.

When asked about the possibility of evacuation, Steinfeld said, it's the Middle step is evaluated, but up to now it has not yet taken action.

Previously, Friday (30/11/2011), the United Kingdom had to evacuate a number of his staff said the Embassy in Tehran for the sake of their safety after two United Kingdom interests, i.e. complex Embassy and the British Council, invaded and destroyed the demonstrators are angry after the United Kingdom imposes sanctions related to Iran's nuclear program.

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