Rabu, 30 November 2011

Demand for Bonds, Stocks of ANTM SITE Membeludak Streaked

JAKARTA, Pt. Aneka Mine (of ANTM SITE) this morning for sure in the green zone speeding. At 10.44, shares of ANTM SITE up 1.83 per cent to $ 1,670. Bloomberg Data show, three of the most active broker mengempit stock is valued at Rp: CIMB Securities 5,61 billion Securities valued at Rp, eTrading 2.05 billion, and the Premier Securities valued at Rp Indo 1.04 billion. Action buy stocks of companies that hit the mines nickel and gold is linked to the company's corporate action. Rumored plans to increase the value of ANTM SITE, sales to pay valued at $ 1.5 billion or 165 million US dollars. The addition of the value of these bonds is done because the investors demand bonds reached Rp 10 trillion.

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