Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Beckham's costume himself to Andik

JAKARTA,Dikasari David Beckham, but finally got a keepsake from her. It experienced Andik Vermansyah. Success finally swapped costumes Andik with Beckham.

At the beginning of the match, had dropped Beckham Andik. In fact, infringing on the Beckham minutes 8 it is hard and from behind.

However, the Virmansyah did Beckham finally Andik gives kausnya. After the game, Beckham was pulled in the 84 minute directly interviewed a television station.

One new question slide, Beckham's concentration breaks. So, there are players that Indonesia gesturing to switch costumes. Beckham also mengiyakan.

The player was none other Andik. In fact, so no sabarnya, who still attends the Beckham Andik interviewed to switch costumes. Beckham meladeni and give directly to kausnya, while stocking Andik Andik she take it.

Beckham seemed impressed on Indonesia football. \ ' Suporternya, \ ' comment Beckham. The young player, Beckham asked Indonesia continues to enjoy and play.

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