Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

2011 Solo Predicted inflation of 2%

SOLO-Solo city as long as inflation Rates 2011 predicted shall not exceed 2%. In accumulative between January and November 2011, the rate of inflation reached 1.50% of the Town River. That figure is much lower than the rate of inflation in Jan-Nov 2010 to reach 3.07%.

The head of the Central Board of Statistics (BPS) of Surakarta, Toto Desanto explains, the low figures for inflation caused a lot of things. ' The price of foodstuffs and other commodities, all the January-November fluctuate. Solo is not only experiencing inflation, but also the deflation in the past few months, ' he said.

Several times, the stock of foodstuffs on the market thinned, the effect on the ups and downs of prices. Moreover, the Solo is not producing areas so that stock groceries, heavily influenced condition in producing areas. Weather factors also cause prices fluctuate.

' Of the many contributors to inflation, the Group's most gave food, ' says my share in Toto. He described, see the 2011 inflation predictions that only 2%, to say the economic conditions are conducive Solo.

His condition is good, because economic growth in Solo not bothered by the ups and downs in the market price of various commodities. What's from month to month, no fluctuation in the price of commodities are very prominent. ' If view developments from month to month, largely due to more ups and downs of prices of foodstuffs, ' he says.

Although this factor contributes to economic growth, but its contribution is not very significant. ' Fluktuasinya still in the stage. Unless the movement of the price rises too high or down too low, it's disruptive new economic growth. All commodities that affect economic growth, but depending on the little intensitasnya, ' he explained.

The band also said, looking at the inflation predictions for 2011 is not too high, next year's economic growth is expected not to be disturbed. However his condition can be different, if the Government realize the subsidized FUEL consumption prohibition discourse for private cars.

' If the matter of FUEL, will certainly be very influential. For this reason a commodity price rise would be caused if the multiplier effect, '' he added

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