Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

BPBD: impact of Lava shifts to the lower reaches.

MAGELANG, head of Logistics, Emergency and disaster management Agency (BPBD) area of Magelang Djoko Sudibyo said the impact of the flood of cold lava of Merapi mountain began to shift to the lower reaches of the River.

This condition is especially true around the Time of white. If last year's flood of lava crashing around the village of Jumoyo, Seloboro and Sirahan in Salam now shifted to bawash in the vicinity of the village Blongkeng, district come to Ngluwar village.

In his daily report, BPBD Magelang mentions cold lava floods that occurred earlier this week led to four homes were lost, as well as six severely damaged eleven homes threatened.

"Blongkeng village became a victim of a flood of lava because of the lower area there has been no handling which means such as normalization or safeguards rivers. Whereas in the upper section is already handling," said Djoko Sudibyo.

Meanwhile, the number of displaced victims of lava already decreased compared to the previous mencapi 102 inhabitants. Of that amount, a total of 62 inhabitants took refuge in the House of the village of Blongkeng, ten in Shelter Box and seven people in Huntara Jumoyo.

Decrease in the number of refugees it because there are some residents who returned home after felt conditions were safe. "From 102 dropped to 91 and then the last 79 people now. They are citizens of the village of Blongkeng," added mustache man, today.

Djoko estimate the number of refugees coming back increases if the flood of lava back damaging Township. To meet the basic needs of these refugees, it has had a stock of assistance from the Central Java province.

Help is now still accommodated in Warehouse Logistics and Building Bakorwil Magelang city. "Sewaktu-time there is a surge in the number of refugees, this assistance can be channelled," immediately add him.

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