Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Farmers Reject Onion Imports In Brebes

BREBES, onion farmers in Brebes Regency declared refused the entry of imported onions which keeps memanjiri territory. The rejection was expressly conveyed to the Minister of agriculture (Mentan) Dr Ir Suswono MMA, when doing a work visit in the village of Cipelem and Bulusari, district Bulakamba, Brebes, Sunday (4/12).

The farmers asked for must be stopped the influx Mentan onion imports to the West, as had been the cause of the price of local onions fell. As a result, farmers suffered big losses. Onion imports had also been very troubling farmers due to alleged gaming device vendors. When the price of onions, onion local good coming in, so that the import prices of segaja local spur of the moment down.

"We refused the onion farmers Brebes, because imported onions has made the price of onions we fell, '' said Secretary of the Association Bawang Merah Indonesia (ABMI) Juwari, before Dr. Ir Suswono Mentan MMA, which welcomed cheerleader for other farmers.

The influx of imported onions, he said, has always been a trigger for the price of local onions fell. In fact, local onion prices currently are in the lowest point, which is Rp 2,500/kg. Whereas the price to the farmer gets lucky ideal Rp 5,500/kg. "If something like this we are definitely a big loss," he asserts.

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