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Outbreaks of Measles Struck Europe

When you and the family was about to travel to Europe in the near future, be sure the children are already getting a measles vaccine. In Europe is currently going on measles outbreaks are highly contagious. Until last October, European health officials reported there have been more than 26,000 cases of measles and resulted in 9 fatalities. According to the WHO, that number rises threefold compared to the same period in 2007.

In France alone there were 14,000 cases were recorded, especially suffered children above 5 years and young adults. Another major outbreak is also found in Spain, Romania, Macedonia, and Uzbekistan. So far the measles has killed 9 people and caused thousands of others were treated at the hospital.

' We are facing a case that is much greater in the last 5 years, ' says Rebecca Martin, immunization program manager for the WHO Office in Europe. He said, the case of measles was a long decline, but increased since the end of 2009. According to Martin, the occurrence of measles epidemic is caused due to the decline in the number of vaccinations and half cases suffered by persons over the age of 5 years.

' Those who so far have not got the measles virus vaccine is now contracting and pass it on, ' he explained. In the report mentioned, vaccination coverage in Europe is high enough, but has not yet reached the target of 95 percent to stop the plague. From the measles patients, half were not divaksin and other vaccine history is unknown.

The spread of measles occur not only in Europe, but also began to spread to North America. In America, normally there are only 50 cases per year, but now it's been found 205 cases, which are considered to be the largest in the past 10 years. Measles is a disease that is highly contagious and 90 people are exposed to these viruses would be sick. Measles Virus spread through the air and in indoor spaces. The spark of saliva this virus can survive for up to two hours.

Measles causes fever, cough, and reddish rash around the body. The disease is killing one to two children from 1,000 children are infected. Pregnant women suffering from measles high-risk miscarriage or giving birth prematurely. In 2008, there were deaths due to measles 164.000 worldwide. More than 95 percent occur in poor countries.

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