Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

The mechanism of BBM Subsidies for KA are still Discussed

BANDUNG, the Government is still discussing the mechanics of the use of FUEL subsidies for PT Kereta Api Indonesia. Previously, it was decided subdisi value reached Rp 150 billion.

According to the Director General of railways Kemenhub, Inderawan, subsidies for Tunjung it for Freight TRAIN operations.

' Calculations were Rp 150 billion for RAILWAY Freight, in the form of fuel. How to secure that right for the benefit of KA used goods, the mechanism still we examine, '' he said.

Tunjung confirms it's been a long mengingingkan of FUEL subsidy policy applies also to the KA. Support it's already done all the way today.

' We've already sent a letter about it to the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES has been a year ago, '' he asserts. Previously, SP berkoar-koar-KA has stalled work on Tuesday (6/12) tomorrow because of FUEL Subsidies. Following the pengabulan demands it, the greater the chances of such threats do.

Deselect Circular path tests related (loopline) Jabodetabek commuter RAILWAY which tends to semrawut, stating the conditions at the Tunjung which are severely affected factors of socialization that is not yet optimal.

' Sosialiasinya less intense, though already long that there are still users are surprised. This schedule should also be matching key, ' he explained.

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