Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Formed Pasha, Yangseku loser Ungu

Jakarta, Although just exist in music
belantika homeland, Yangseku very
sure can get their own place in the
hearts of the people. By offering something original, they turned out to
defeat the Purple and other famous
musicians. ' Idol ' is indeed becoming
their first single which was released in
early 2011.

But it seems that there have
been many who liked the song until the duo Fenti and Daughter could beat
senior-seniornya in terms of the sale of
RBT (ring back tone). In a few weeks
they can occupy the highest peak in the
sale of the Homeland. RBT ' We had a
couple of weeks it topped, even up to defeat Ungu, ' said Princess to

His music lovers in the country is very
interested in the work of that simple
with catchy lyrics. Although still selling
songs about love and heartbreak, also
Yangseku glance at religious segment. ' We are still a matter of love, parting and

But there is also a religion, ' he
says. Yangseku does offer a work that
deserves thumbs up by creating their
own songs. Even today it's almost eight
songs that will soon be made into their debut album.

' Some of the songs already there, but
for now it still singles once, probably
early next year is going to release an
album, ' said Fenti. The music industry is
believed to be central to their decreased after the case of premium SMS the RBT
and had a chance to make musicians

And are there any sales
strategy of Yangseku and the Inzpire as
a label? ' We're going to make a different
format. We want to try to enter the album with distros include merchandise
and t-shirts into the bundle sale, ' says
Vienna Natalia as boss Inzpire.

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