Senin, 05 Desember 2011

The Threat Of European Bayangi The Wall Street Rating

New York-stocks on Wall Street closed strengthened exchanges. However the strengthening was overshadowed by the threat of a decrease in ranking of countries in Europe. Investors initially optimistic after President of France Nicolas Sarkozy said France and Germany will come to an agreement to control more tightly, fiscal Europe that will be voted on Friday.

But the good news that eroded after the Financial Times reported a potential drop in the ranking of most European countries. And after close of trading, Standard & amp; Poor's announced it has placed the rating of 500 Germany, France and a number of other European countries on ' Credit Watch Negative ', a step to a decrease in ranking. ' Market feel has left a concern for some time and now they have to meet him again, ' obviously Bruce Zaro, analyst of Delta Global Asset Management as quoted from Reuters, Tuesday (6/12/2011).

In trading Monday (5/12/2011), the Dow Jones index closed rose 78,41 points (0.69%) to as low as 12.097,83. The index Standard & amp; Poor's 500 also strengthened 12,80 points (1.03%) to as low as,08 and the Nasdaq rose 1.257 28,83 points (1.10%) to as low as of 2655,76. The financial sector index rose 2.1% GSPF and led a reinforcement. Shares of Citigroup rose 5.9% to record $ 29.83, Morgan Stanley rose 6.8% to as low as US $ 16,57. One of the biggest decline was print MetLife Inc. rose to 3.7% to as low as US $ 32,92, after the US life insurance company announced that earnings growth projection of up to 7% Although the quarter IV below expectations. But trading was not very crowded with transactions in the New York Stock Exchange just for 7,18 billion shares, below the daily average of 7,96 billion shares.

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