Senin, 05 Desember 2011

In Asia, Bank RI the Most Grab Money

Jakarta-banks in Indonesia take profit in Asia. It looks from the high difference in the spread between mortgage interest or and deposit interest. The difference in interest rates this could reach 6%. Case submitted by candidates for Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Perry Warjiyo in test appropriateness and feasibility of Deputy Governor of Commission XI HOUSE of BI by the Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011).

' After dropping by 75 bps BI Rate from 6.75% to 6% in the last two months have to traverse a BI measures to accelerate the decline in interest rates in order to encourage retail banking credit and financing for the corporate world, ' said Perry in a test of propriety and appropriateness of Deputy Governor of Commission XI HOUSE of BI by the Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011). According to Perry, the BI Rate reduction should be followed by a decrease in interest rates, banking savings interest rates as well as good credit.
' important follow-up step to decrease the interest rates can go down as great credit, particularly through reductions in the spread between interest rates of savings and credits that are still high and the highest in Asia which is about 6%, ' said Perry. Perry explained, banking need to be encouraged to lower the high spread.

Implementation, i.e. through setting the basic interest rate for credit (SBDK) and put into the business plan targets Bank (RBB). ' With the drop in mortgage interest then it will hopefully improve banking in channeling credit pernanan with low interest rates to boost the national economy, '' he said.

Perry also expect further interest rate deposits or deposits should be also right down to the level of worth In his speech he Perry raised the theme of ' strengthening the resurgence of Bank Indonesia: Escorting the national economy is facing a Global Crisis ' Impact. Member of Commission XI Arif Budimanta said what presented Perry already fairly comprehensive. And provides an overview of the area of monetary management strategy in the face of the global financial crisis.

' But in some ways technically inclined to conservative, BI should encourage OJK (Financial Services Authority) in full for the operation in January 2013, not the end of 2013. We also want to look through the mechanisms and oversight of payment systems and financial transaction how each candidate's commitment to resolve the issue of Bank Century, ' he said.

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