Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Rating European countries Threatened, IHSG incorect

Jakarta - joint-stock price index (the TRADE) rectified thin 6 points following the threat of a decrease in ranking countries in Europe by S & amp;P. Asian Exchange also gave negative sentiment is depressed. While the rupiah-dollar exchange rate against the United States (U.S.) opened position weakening in Rp 9.070 per u.s. dollar compared to the closing of trading yesterday at Rp 9.030 per u.s. dollar.

On trade, TRADE on the thin preopening weakened (0.28%) 6,737 points to as low as 3.774,056. LQ 45 Index down while thin 1,693 points (0.25%) to as low as 667,923. Open trade, Tuesday (6/12/2011), TRADE on the thinning 6.837 points (0.20%) to 3,849 level,956. LQ 45 index weakened thin 1,719 points (0.25%) to as low as 667,897.

IHSG moving sideways yesterday, for the second time, closed just up super slim not until one points. Investors have not dared to put funds in assets are at risk. The negative sentiment returned to come from the European zone, CRA rating S & amp;P put the debt rating of Germany, France, and some countries in the Euro zone into a credit watch negative, one stage before the drop in the rating. Cash only news that make Exchange-Exchange on regional depressed and fell into the red zone. Pelemahannya enough, led by the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Following the situation in the stock exchange this morning-regional: Shanghai Composite Index down thin 7,38 points (0.32%) to as low as 2,325,85. Hang Seng index weakened 176,86 points (0.93%) to as low as 19.002,83. Nikkei 225 index was down points (63,46%) to as low as 8.632 0.71.52. Straits Times index eased 20,83 points (0.75%) to as low as 2,745 .40. While the exchange rate of the rupiah against the US dollar weakening in the unlocked position Usd 9.070 per u.s. dollar compared to the closing yesterday.

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