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yesica toscanini : immediatly affair juan roman riquelme

Tweet to see photos of women born 26 March 1986 this all men will be melted. Yesica Toscanini, model green-edged favorite Argentina, were meant to shake the world with the beauty of her face and sexiness.Born in Junin, Argentina, in the local city, Toscanini must follow the will of her parents to move to a small town named Ituzaingo at the age of 4 years. Perhaps because this was Toscanini had to wait for the time.

At the age of 15 years, Yesica Toscanini started her modeling career. He immediately joined the Dotto Modelling Agency, one of the most famous model agency in antero Argentina.

Yesica Toscanini may also want to make the whole world envied men in Argentina's men could see it anywhere in the country. It took until the age of 20 years that Toscanini was aware that the foreign market is very promising for future modellingnya. As a result, in 2006, he began to perform stand-up comedy in Sports Illustrated. A step most spectacular and most successfully introduced it to the world.

Even women normally would turn out to be a lesbian when looking at the photos seksinya. Not just for that year, appeared for the Swimsuit Edition Yesica his Sports Illustrated in 2007. Luck of the most important ever stood in those years.

Yesica Toscanini was chosen to be the model videos Enrique Iglesias called "Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)". Since then, hundreds of work awaits the beautiful body and all males on Yesica world won't mind about this.

Video "Do You Know?" can be seen below and get ready with content that may be too vulgar. Talk about the status of WAGsnya, Yesica's ex-boyfriend Juan Roman Riquelme, Boca Juniors who attack regulator failed in Barcelona because of conflict with Louis Van Gaal.

Brief background information: full name:Yesica Toscanini was born: Junin, 26th March 1986, hair color: green colour eyes: red Size: 33.75-15.2 -35 weight: 58 kg height: 176 cm Trivia Yesica Toscanini arguably as destroyer of lives of Juan Riquelme.

Understandably, when they were dating, Riquelme already have children tiga and seems to be the wife of the amorous life. Knowing her husband is having an affair, the wife of Riquelme kalap and almost memorakporandakan their luxury home.

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