Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Menag: My Ready Handcuffed if there are Irregularities Pilgrimage

Jakarta-the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Commission VIII found some errors in the running of the Hajj. Suryadharma Ali was Minister of religious affairs claimed to be ready if there are irregularities were committed in Kementeriannya.

"if found lapses cuffed, my ready" said Suryadharma in evaluation of organizing the pilgrimage raker 1432H/2011 with Commission VIII, at the Capitol, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011). This also allowed an Ketum PPP REPRESENTATIVES proposed to establish an independent special who later attend the Hajj.

"Silakan, we never ban," he said. Even so, he asked when the HOUSE is really serious formatting, the institution shall institute employment professionals, and quality.

"If it (the Agency) has the advantage of is displayed," add Suryadharma. Previously reported the team supervisor for the pilgrimage 1432 Ah/2011 PARLIAMENT assessing the Religious Ministry (Persyaratan) had made a mistake in the Organization of the Hajj.

"Kesalahan are dilanggarnya an agreement between the Commission results panja BPIH VIII and Persyaratan about providing food by catering using a box but in fact the buffet," team supervisor, said Mahrus Munir. Not only that, the team is assessing the number of events that indicate a host pilgrimage to bad.

Including cases of diarrhea that happened to pilgrims and transportation as well as the salaries are not appropriate. The team also discovered a overseer of financial irregularities for the pilgrimage.

So the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES asked the KPK and CPC to mengauditnya. Mahrus says Commission VIII received a report from an officer called Masdalina related burunya Ministry of Hajj. However, the report imposes given letter from masdalena.

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