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5 Most like the wife of the Husband.

Want to know what makes women can feel happier whole person? A family counselor, and author of Connect to Love, Dr. m. Gary Neuman says there are five things that make women feel satisfied with its relationship, and was happy with his wife. More women feel happy if her partner is able to give you five things this for him:

1. time
of the first things most desirable female, and made him happy is spending time with his wife. Most women are happy with the connection, take the time to 30 minutes every day, both with her partner. While 24 percent of women claiming to be unhappy with the paired relationship because it only had a tandem with her husband of less than five minutes a day. Togetherness with husband that make women feel happy is when both of them enjoy time together, without disturb Blackberry or other gadgets.

2. appreciation
The moment, women are able to do everything. Women caring for children, while also employed and financially independent. Women feel no mind to do everything, but women also need appreciation from my husband. The eve also was happy when my husband wants a whole person, listen to it and give it an appreciation for what he does on a daily basis.

3. Sense
of happiness for women, one of which is to have a spouse who understand it. Even so, women also need to help his partner to have the ability to listen to. The reason, men tend not to realize that he is a bad listener. Therefore, it's worth if you ask for time off to my husband to listen to You. Ask for a 15-20 minutes to my husband, ' said Neuman. Women in fact deserve the attention of 10 hours of his partner, but most men are adept at listening to her partner all the time. So, ask the time a maximum of 20 minutes, so that the pair really focus to you, listen to what you want to convey.

4. Pleasure
this is one of the factors that are often missing and no longer felt women, let alone after having children. Work, home, things are a burden and responsibility of the family, making the relationship lost the element of fun. Neuman suggests, married couples need to devise routines together as dating, once a week. Though tired after work, please allocate dating both only. At the very least, spent two hours together, at home, tandem. Make the most of this community with chat about various things that are fun, do not discuss the matter of work, money, and children.

5. Affection
one more required women to feel happy, affection. Hugs, kisses, a surprise of just the phone said, ' I Love You ', simple things like this coveted women from her partner. ' Give a touch of her five times a day, at least 30 seconds, do every day for one week. If a husband can do it to his wife, don't be surprised when both of them will feel happier with something to do, ' obviously Neuman.

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