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One Planet in the Habitable confirmation

CALIFORNIA, Kepler spacecraft made a surprise return. NASA announced on Monday (5/12/2011) that one of the candidate planet Kepler 2.326 findings have been confirmed as a habitable planet. ' This phenomenal discoveries. This proves that Homo sapiens is getting close to our achievement in the universe to find the planet that remind us of the House. We are almost there, '' said Geoff Marcy, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, was quoted as saying AP, Tuesday (6/12/2011).

The habitable Planet confirmed that named Kepler 22b. The Planet is orbiting a Sun-like stars named Kepler 22 and approximately 600 light years from Earth. Kepler has some similarities with the 22b. The earth around the Sun over the past 365 days, whereas Kepler 22b around its parent star within 290 days. Just different thin.

The temperature of the Earth and Kepler 22b not differ greatly. Mentioned that if the greenhouse effect works in Kepler 22b, then the planet's temperature at about 22 degrees celsius. Difference encountered in size. Kepler 22b-sized 2.4 times greater than Earth 's. While its mass is unknown so it is difficult to estimate whether Kepler planet rocks or 22b is a gas giant. If it is a gas planet, then by all means it is difficult for humans to live there. Although confirmed habitable, it is still difficult for humans to go to Kepler 22b. One light-year is equivalent with 9,65 trillion kilometers. It took 22 million years to get there with the technology that exists today. Technology was the one who will be answering is go to Kepler 22b will be a dream or reality.

In addition to the discovery of Kepler 22b, NASA also announced that Kepler had now has a habitable planet 2.326. This increased amount of 1,103 announcement in February 2011 and then stating that there are 1,267 candidate planet habitable. Of the total 2.326 candidate planets, 207 of whom have the equivalent size of the Earth. While the other is greater than 680 Earth. The number of planets in the habitable zone itself there are 48 pieces. Still it takes research to confirm whether the planets are habitable.

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