Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

If Reckless Wore national police Attribute, Norman will be proces.

JAKARTA, Starting today, Tuesday (6/12), Norman Kamaru prohibited wearing Police attribute. If, the famous artist with tune lipsync India ' Caiyya Caiyya ' this reckless charge, police do not attribute briptunya hesitate to process it.

This Council decision terkati of the code of Gorontalo are decided, Polda Norman Kamaru get sanctions do not Stop with respect (PTDH). ' If he's still using a related attribute of the national police, we will process, ' says Head of public relations Division of the national police, Inspector Saud Usman Nasution caught in the police headquarters in Jakarta, national police, Tuesday (6/12).

Saud explains the rights of soldiers like clothing Anglo-norman Kamaru service and the rank was removed along with the ruling of the trial under penalty of PTDH against Norman.

He confirmed the start date as a regular community of Norman Kamaru, if the use attribute of national police illegally then have been deemed unlawful.

In the hearing tersenut, Norman PTDH for having sanctions from his service duties mangkir over two months. Norman did indeed have volunteered to resign, he continued, however, does not mean that Norman could go around to be free from duty during his service in the process.

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