Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Earthquake Volcanic Mount Sindoro Were Continuous

TEMANGGUNG, Movements recorded kegempaan seismograf activity still looks that until the afternoon later still there will be a mild earthquake type d. it Mount Sindoro Placidia Observer Officer, Sumaryanto in Gentingsari, district Bansari, emanggung, Tuesday (6/12). Since Monday (5/12) yesterday, have been recorded at least 12 times kegempaan. Whereas, in these days, 12.00 p.m. last recorded four volcanic earthquakes occur.

However, the activity of Mount Sindoro is not impacted by the earthquake are not real because the effects noticeable shaking by the local community. However, it is a fact kegempaan because everything is recorded in seismograf.

Danramil Parakan S Purnomo added, although the citizens of the town which is the town nearest Bansari with Mount Sindoro, however he hoped society continues its activities normally. According to him, until recently there were several lines that possibility could be evacuation operation.

For example, the main Village Road, Gentingsari, and Bansari Watukumpul that everything is in the wilanya Subdistrict Bansari. These lines are the only ones to reach the Summit of Sindoro access that has been recommended as a track.

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