Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

FIFA Apply the goal line Technology on PD 2014 Brazil

ZURICH, FIFA President Sepp Blatter revealed that at the World Cup 2014 Brazil later on, it will introduce the technology of the goal line. The use of technology is in fact already proposed a long time ago. However, the insistence that FIFA use this technology began after Frank Lampard's high scorer in World Cup 2010 (PD) failed to observe properly by the referee. In the action brought by Germany, the United Kingdom the punt kick Lampard clearly visible beyond the goal line Germany who escorted by Manuel Neuer.

However, it is not validated against the referee because of their observations. ' Brazil 2014 will have the technology to anticipate ' ghost goal '. We are considering two a good system in accordance with the purposes of the game, which emphasizes reliability, kesegeraan, and is not complicated, ' says Blatter to El Mundo Deportivo.

FIFA itself has tried to anticipate this by increasing the number of referees in the match. Adding to the FIFA referee to stand guard on the two sides face each team. However, this turned out to be not yet satisfy multiple parties.

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