Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Thursday, KPK Check Mayor Semarang

JAKARTA, corruption eradication Commission (KPK) has continued to intensify investigation alleged bribe case related discussion of BUDGETS Semarang. In addition to examining a number of members of DPRD Semarang, investigators also have scheduled examination COMMISSION to Semarang Mayor Soemarmo HS and Vice Mayor Hendrar Yopan.

' The plan to schedule an examination about a COMMISSION investigating the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the city of Semarang on Wednesday this week, ' says Head of public relations Bureau, Johan Budi, KPK to Vote Independent, Tuesday (6/12) evening.

According to Johan, both of which review is still as a witness. He added, investigators still continue to conduct examinations in the case of the Kingdom of the three officials of Semarang.

Yesterday, said Johan, investigators conducted an examination of the LEGISLATIVE members of Golkar and the national mandate party (PAN). Johan did not explain in detail the identity of the politicians who undergo an examination.

' Today (yesterday, red) investigators also examined the suspect S and APS, ' said Johan. Meanwhile, the head of News and Information, Priharsa Nugraha says, he did not obtain information from officers in the field of related laptop seizure in this case.

Her only obtain, investigators conduct examination of a number of witnesses, including a number of members of DPRD Semarang. ' They are examined as a witness because of his statement was considered necessary for deepening the investigation, '' said Priharsa.

As known, the COMMISSION set the Regional city of Semarang Akhmat Zaenuri and two members of the LEGISLATIVE DECREE Of PS (PAN) and Sumartono (Democratic Party) as a suspect.

Zaenuri dijerat article article 5 paragraph 1 of article 1 and or. While Agung and Sumartono dijerat article 11 or article 12 and the letter a and b. all three were arrested on Monday (25/11) at around 11: 30 in the Building parking page DPRD Semarang shortly after doing the delivery of the money. KPK suspect giving the endorsement money related BUDGETS by 2012.

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