Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Pulpy Milky product of Coca-Cola was declared toxic

BEIJING, a child on China reported died of poisoning after drinking Coca-Cola products last November. According to officials in the province of Jilin, 11-year-old son was killed along with three others that are still undergoing treatment after drinking the products in the region of Changchun Pulpy Milky. Laboratory testing indicates that such beverages contain pesticides.

The incident sparked a major withdrawal at the same time product Pulpy Milky. Others emerged from the police saying that bottles Pulpy Milky has sabotaged. Separately, Coca-Cola party repeatedly asserted that such poisoning incidents have nothing to do with quality control.

Further testing on the product indicates that there was contamination. ' Technical Tests and initial investigations police confirmed that the incident was criminal cases in Changchun.

And we came back confirmed that the incident not related to quality control of our products, '' the statement said Coca-Cola in an email to Reuters news agency. Authorities have confirmed cases of poisoning from Jilin, but don't want to speculate who may have committed irregularities. ' Someone has deliberately falsified product with toxic substances and causing a threat to public safety, '' said a statement from local authorities.

Reported an 11-year-old, died after drinking yoghurt products Pulpy Milky taste of strawberries on 28 November. Mother of the child is seriously ill due to come into the same and consume today are still hospitalized. While the other a mother and her daughter also fell ill after drinking the beverage products in the same region of Jilin several days earlier. Currently they are reported to have recovered.

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