Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Angelina has a Vital Link in the case of Nazarudin

JAKARTA, the name of the Democratic Party's Deputy Secretary-general referred to in the Angelina Sondakh charges against a former Treasurer of the Democratic Party's General Muhammad Rudi. Corruption eradication Commission (KPK) is the name of Angelina is important to be included in the indictment Nazarudin.

' The name Angelina Sondakh in regard to this rather important case Nazarudin in connection with charges to Nazarudin. That is, interwoven stories yg didakwakan to Nazarudin it concerns Angelina's name, ' said public relations Bureau Chief Budi SP to KPK Johan suaramerdeka, com, Thursday (1/12).

According to the indictment, Johan, a matter of course that didakwaan material related to the person who was charged in this Nazarudin. But Johan added, KPK continues to develop the case. Including all recognition nazarudin will be acted upon.

Although, up Johan, Nazarudin recognition evidence should be supported by evidence. ' Can't simply because a confession alone rose to others as suspects. But the KPK is still developing these cases, whether in proceedings later appeared other facts supporting the fact that it's necessarily going to confession Nazarudin acted upon. The case is not over yet, ' said Johan.

When asked whether the KPK has evidence of the flow of funds to Angelina Sondakh, Johan did not explain in detail. ' A new recognition of a witness or a suspect, '' Johan imbuh.

As known, in the name of the charges against one Party colleague Nazarudin, Angelina was named in the indictment Sondakh. In the indictment drawn up by I We Wiradana, Edy Hartoyo, and Anang Supriatna mentioned, the defendant in the month of January 2010 the Nippon Kan Restaurant housed in the Sultan Hotel Jakarta Selatan, introducing Mindo Rosalina Manullang as marketing the country Boy to Angelina PT Sondakh.

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