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Privilege Mutton

Yesterday, most of Indonesia, in particular the community Muslims rejoice keep the feast of Eid al-Adha 1432 (). The feast of Eid al-Adha is identical with the tradition that is sacrifice. The sacrificial animal was made in Indonesia are mostly goats, cows and buffaloes.

Of course cannot be denied after Eid al-Adha mutton many circulated amongst the community, and a penchant for consumption by most people. Mutton turns out to be a food that is believed to have the benefits of a more privileged than tinggi and beef or lamb. Why is this so?

Low fat content

Of meat goat from always been associated with high fat, thus causing a cholesterol and hypertension. But that assumption is better ditepis as soon as possible, because it turns out that there is no evidence that the goat has a fat content of saturated fats are mainly higher dibandingakan with other types of red meat.

On the contrary research proves that goat meat (karkas) had a total fat content is lower compared with sheep or cattle if karkas dibandingakan in the same condition.

Low content of saturated meat goats are lower than in the other can be seen from the actual condition of the meat after meat goat cooked, it would seem more fluid grease that drip out.

Results of analysis demonstrate that mutton had a fat 50% lower compared to beef and 45% lower in comparison with the lamb.

Nevertheless goat Satay and Coconut Curry goat is precisely at times become the flab. A skewer is usually diselipi pieces of fat for added flavour. Likewise in Coconut Curry goat, Curry ingredient that is full of tucked fats such as meat, bone bersumsum and tetelan plus the coconut milk.

In 100 grams of meat goats, there are 154 calories, fat, 9.2 mg 3.6 mg saturated fat. Whereas, in the 100 grams beef contained 207 calories, 2 mg fat, and 40 mg saturated fat. In addition, mutton is also a source of iron, B vitamins, choline, and selenium. B vitamins will help the body burn fat, while choline and selenium is able to ward off cancer.

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