Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Szczesny-Wear Wigs in the European Cup

LONDON, Arsenal Goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny, has its own votive admits Lottery Euro 2012. Goalie Polondia was pledged to lengthen her hair which, when his country one cepak group with the United Kingdom.

He wanted to perform a longish as legendary goalkeeper of Poland, Jan Irene. When it is not enough time to lengthen hair, wears a wig or Szczesny prepared wigs. What matters, he can perform his will accordingly.

Who are the European Championship will be held on 2 December. Szczesny said would be a fantastic thing if it could fight the United Kingdom in the group stage. ' This competition would be awesome because we host. Arsenal will be exceptional because we are not Favorites and raffle will make a huge impact for us. I can't wait to start the tournament, '' said Szczesny to the Daily Mirror.

' More fantastic again if segrup with the United Kingdom. I will lengthen hair if we segrup with the United Kingdom. You may recall goalie who played against the United Kingdom in 1973, You all need to remember her, ' beber Szczesny. He meant none other is Jan Irene.

Goalkeeper nicknamed ' The Clown ' in question was an important actor in the United Kingdom to frustrate the 1974 World Cup. He managed to do some scintillating rescue United Kingdom had done so at the 1974 World Cup qualification rounds.

On the first leg, menggilas United Kingdom Poland 2-0. Whereas, in the second leg at Wembley Stadium, United Kingdom Poland held 1-1. The result was knocked out of the tournament ensured United Kingdom's largest. Irene also has a hair style nyentrik. She let her hair long and wearing a headband while performing. ' So I will lengthen hair and appears good as he did.

A headband is probably a bit silly, but I'll put it on too. I'll probably be wearing wigs if not enough time to lengthen hair, ' he stated.

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