Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

The opening game of ISL, Bayern Deltras Sidoarjo

JAKARTA, Although still controversial of the Governing Board of the FOOTBALL LEAGUE, Indonesia Super League (ISL) was held as well. 2011-12 season competition held PT Liga Indonesia was opened with a match between Persija Jakarta and Deltras Sidoarjo, Thursday (1/12/2011).

Kick-off began at about 15.30. A number of pentolan senior and U-23 was also playing in this game, even directly installed as the starter by their respective coaches. You name it, the name Bambang Pamungkas, Gerald Crawford Lestaluhu, Hasim Kipuw, Johan Juansyah, Ismed Sofyan from the Premier League. Then, the name Purwaka Yudhi and Benny Wahyudi from Deltras Sidoarjo.

With this action in digelarnya Major Bung Karno Stadium, Yea, the authorities had given permission to menggelarnya. In fact, the organizers provide around 27 thousand tickets for the inaugural game was with a starting price of Rp 30 thousand to 300 thousand Usd. Arrangement of players both teams:
Persija: 1-Galih Sudaryono, 14-Ismed Sofyan, 15-Fabiano Beltrame, 2-Precious, 23-Leo Soputra, 13-Hasim Kipuw, 10-Robertino Pugliara, 7-Ramdhani Lestaluhu, 20-Bambang Pamungkas, 19-Johan Juansyah, 27-Rahmat Affandi
Substion: 22-Bagus Jiwo, 28-A.A Ngurah Wahyu, 21-Amarzukih, 17-Delton Stevano, 4-Reza A. Gamal, 11-Alan Martha, 42-Ikwan
Deltras: 59-Wawan Hendrawan, 45-Waluyo, 20-Mijo Dadic, 2-Purwaka Yudhi, 23-Benny Wahyudi, 10-Walter Brizuela, 7-Juan Revi, 8-Shin Hyun Joon, 5-Fahkrudin, 9-Sean Daniel Rooney, 13-Budi Sudarsono
Substion: 50-Wahyudi, 4-Dodok Anang, 3-Wahyu Gunawan, 28-Muhammadan, 19-M. Yusuf, 17-Indra Setiawan, 88-Sugiarto

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