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' Mother keder',Smart Comedy?

JAKARTA, What can be sold from senior artist acting classmate Ira Maya Sopha, in close collaboration with the acting ability of Qory Sandioriva, Jill Gladys and Pong Hardjatmo? A skit that was claimed to be smart in the film above entitled Mother Keder, with the subtitle reads,"Emakku" Magically Bener! So the film inspired the story Viyanthi Silvana, a Princess of Indonesia 2001 by his Photogenic entitled Mother Keder: Emakku Magic Bener.

In the hands of the production company's vision of cross, as the official release of the Independent Vote, accepted Thursday (1/12), in the film version, made his directorial was entrusted to the Eco Prize. To take the genre of drama-comedy with expectations tend to be more easily accepted market.

"Mother Keder" outline summarizes the real events of the life experiences of the author of the novel, particularly the life in the middle of his tenure was marked by many events often ridiculous and "ajaib". Told of Vivi (Qory Sandioriva), is a female executive, well-established, have careers, cars, apartments, and even though it is rather difficult lover met as equally busy. As a cosmopolitan woman already has everything, Vivi lived the last step, that is married.

Until one day in case of conflicts in the Office that made Vivi decided to resign. At the same time, got word that his brother Vivi, my sister (Jill Gladys) had planned to get married first. In addition, he discovered his infidelity.

Finally, all plans and his life seems to be dispersed, and he returned home and dealing with her family, especially his mother (Ira Maya Sopha) which "ajaib". The magic figure of a mother's nyeleh sold in this film.

For the role of the Mother or that Mami is the central character of Kosasih, entrusted to the senior Ira Maya Sopha actress. Eco judge Ira figure very fitting with the character of mother Kokasih the original. As for the role of Vivi, given to Qory Sandioriva, Putri Indonesia 2009. Although this is the film Mother Keder film as a lead actress, Qory is able to make the producer and Director impressed.

The Film Mother Keder claimed not only simply presenting drama, but also silliness-silliness that displays how the importance of the sense of a family and a manifestation of the prize to the figure of the mother. "Family is everything. If ever there was a problem, go back to the family.

Like anything, any old us seaneh oran, they "re our parents. In the end they are doing is for the good of us also," said Dede Gracia, producer of the Film's vision of cross. % u201CFilm is expected to be an example and reflection to everyone who watched it. Although there is friction, there is a conflict, the family is every

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